Manawatu Bowls Rep Teams Announced

Well done to everyone selected for the upcoming Rep fixture against Taranaki and Wanganui for the Arnott & Duckett. Teams selected will play at Paritutu Bowling Club on November 19th to 20th.

Senior Men’s
C Simpson S Rogers
M Noble G Simms G Davis B Hamilton
C Gush C Nairne
C Barrett B Little S Toms G Cooley

Development Men’s
A Johnson E McIntosh
B Harris G Ellison A May D Gilsham
J Aldrich T Hodgson
H Bailey C Cherri K Hughes I Lewis

Teams for the recently completed WKWM were as follows:

Singles: Caitlin Thomson
Pairs: Ailsa Lindsay (s) Barbara Platt
Pairs: 2x4x2 Sharon Groves (s) Tania Harris
Triples: Tania MacKay, Norah Bacon, Sophie Fisher

Manager/Coach Noeleen Elston

Tony Jensen included a report about the WKWM in his latest news article.


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