Outsiders don’t know “jack”

Bowling colleagues in Christchurch are still grappling with the effects of the earthquake as these photos of the Richmond MSA Bowling Club in Petrie Street, Shirley, sadly indicate.

Designer Ian Dalziel took the photos of the club which, along with adjacent Petrie Park, was badly hit by liquefaction – though a couple of paradise ducks are now happily living in the middle of the green!

“There used to be people at that club every day, locals and visiting teams it seemed,” says Ian. “It is now a whole new environment – just bereft of people.”

And having typeset many bowling club handbooks over the years, Ian is mindful of just how many people are disadvantaged by the reduced access.

“And people outside the area largely don’t know ‘jack’ about what is happening here,” he said.
Christchurch Lawn BowlsCanterbury Earthquake Lawn BowlsRichmond MSA Bowling ClubFood for thought, everyone, as we enjoy our playing season in the Manawatu!

Bob Williams


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