Designated bowling coach goes – Bowls news from Taranaki

Thanks to Grant Hassall and the Taranaki Daily News, for providing us with the latest lawn bowls news from Taranaki…

“Bowls coaching in Taranaki will take a step backwards with the downsizing of the Coach Force role previously occupied by Stephen Brophy.

Brophy was appointed to a newly-created role, a position jointly administered by Sport Taranaki and Bowls Taranaki, in September 2009. The original term was for three years, however, an out clause, that gave Sport Taranaki the right to terminate at any time, has been activated.

It is understood that a lack of funding has been the catalyst for the early termination. The role had been funded jointly through Sparc and Bowls Taranaki, via gaming trusts.

All is not lost with a part time position taking the place of the previously fulltime role, for which applications have been called. Brophy has not sought appointment to that position and has relocated to Auckland with his wife.

Brophy believed that the benefits of his work were just starting to show through. Clubs that previously had no coaching, now have structures and accredited coaches in place, the representative sides now have coaches and there has also been the on-going developments with secondary schools.

It seems imperative that those foundations are built upon as it is apparent from the general play that pervades in the province that the majority of players simply do not come into contact with any coaching.

While all four pairs winners from last weekend, Gary Lilley, John Garrud, Valda Rowan and Dulcie Bishop, will have a special glow within themselves this Christmas – and deservedly so – the success of all of them is no surprise.

Bowls is often seen as a selfish sport, and it is, but there is not enough credence given to combinations and people playing together often. Understanding how team-mates perform and creating an environment in which each person performs to their capacity is a recipe for success. And so it was in the pairs.

Lilley’s first triumph came in the junior champion-of-champions singles in 1992 whilst he was still a member of the Warea club.

He transferred shortly after to West End where he has claimed the champion-of-champions pairs (1997 and 2010), the champion-of-champions triples (1997 and 1999), the champion-of-champions fours (2005 and 2009), the open singles (2009), the centre fours (last season and this season), the open fours (2000, 2008 and 2009) and the Christmas pairs (December 2005 and last weekend).

Garrud’s wins have all come with Lilley – the latter two open fours victories, both centre fours and now the Christmas pairs.

Bishop and Rowan have also shared plenty of successes together. They were the winning open pair in 2005 as well as last weekend and were in the same open fours lineup in 2010. Both players also claimed the open triples – Bishop in 2001 and Rowan in 2009 – and the champion-of-champions fours – Bishop in 1996 and Rowan in 2004.”


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