Manawatu Teams Selected

Men’s and Women’s quadrangular teams for 29th Jan.

Team A Men
Singles Ross Ellery
Pairs Pat Horgan (s) Graeme Cooly
Fours Phillip Skoglund (s) Shane Rogers, Grant Davis,Chris Barrett

Team B
Singles Lawrie Gordon
Pairs Barry Wynks (s) Terry Curtis
Fours Craig Gush (s) Mark Noble, Steve Toms, Adam Johnson

Team A Women
Singles Feona Sayles
Pairs Sharon Sims (s) Chris Quinn
Fours Fran Frith (s) Sheryn Black, Mere Fryer, George Kahui-Rogers

Team B Singles Robyn Schischka
Pairs Sue Myer (s) Lyn Jensen
Fours Anna Davis (s) Jacinta Cousins, Julianne Mills, Joan Ware

Manager Both teams Noeleen Elston


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