Palmerston North Bowling Club History Request

I was surfing through your Club’s website, as a result of a medallion that I have inherited which bears the name of PN Bowling Club.

I’ve attached a pic of the front and back of the medallion. There is no date on the medallion, but the “W.L.Scott” engraved on the front was my Grandfather’s brother. Apparently they both emigrated from Stonehaven in Scotland around the same time – my Grandfather to Perth in Western Australia, and his brother to NZ.

It was interesting reading through the History section of the club that one of the founding members of the Palmerston North Bowling Club was a ‘Scott’ – whom I would punt was W.L.Scott – an ancestor of mine.

My grandfather – H.C.Scott – was a member of the Swan Bowling and Recreation Club Inc. in Perth. the Club is the third oldest in Western Australia, and is the oldest Club on its original site. Co-incidentally, Swan is one of the very few Clubs in WA which owns freehold title to its property.
So it seems that Palmerston North and Swan have much in common.

Appreciate any history you may be able to provide me with in relation to the medallion – when, what was the event, etc.

Marton Bowling Club front

Marton Bowling Club back

Dave Scott

Attached is a pic hanging in the Swan Bowling Club-house of my grandfather (Henry Cecil Scott) and his partner, after having won the Western Australian State Pairs title in 1927-28. Maybe there will be a family resemblance if there are any old Marton Bowling Club photos around

Western Australia State Pairs - 1927-28

Dave Scott

If you have any information or advice for Dave, or would like his email address, please leave a comment below.

Thx Ian.


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