Bowling On – 10th December

Thanks, To Tony Jensen for his latest news from around the Centre…

“Manawatu Bowls interclub has all but come and gone for another season and yet again Northern has shown it has all the playing strength.

Northern won Division One Men’s and women’s and added Division Two women’s for good measure. They won’t get Division Two men’s though which still has one round to go owing to the poor programming. The only two teams that don’t have to turn up for the last round are Northern and Johnston Park B who were due to play each other with neither able to win the event.

I hate saying “I told you so” but this scribe commented before the competition started that it was crazy playing two rounds on the first and second days and programming three rounds for the last day. Inevitably it was the last day when rain interruptions occurred. Three rounds on day one and two and it would be all over. It’s a matter that for some reason the Centre doesn’t want to see sense on.

Now it is all over I am still wondering what has been achieved in combining Division One with Wanganui. Both centres will still send their own team onto regional finals and there is the possible scenario that a Manawatu team could have scored more points against the other Manawatu sides than the winner but doesn’t go through because of games against Wanganui. I don’t think that has occurred but the fact remains it could and that would not be right.

If the experiment to combine is to be meaningful then it should be a true combining and only one team from the two centres would proceed to regionals. That would put steel into the contest. As it stands all it has added is a couple of expensive bus trips.

• Because of the way the season has been constructed most clubs will be nearing completion of all their championships. Champion of champion events will be played through February so for the average bowler there will only be open tournaments to look forward to after mid- January. There are some good open tournaments on offer during March and April and with a bit of hard work. on marketing clubs should be able to attract full fields.

• It might sound a way off but start thinking about your teams for the annual Hospice tournament on 01 March and don’t be afraid to drop any items you might want to give to the auction or raffles into the Northern club. I’m sure that every club has reason to thank the Hospice and this is payback day.

• Johnston Park are again running their very successful pre-Taranaki men’s fours tournament on 11 and 12 January and it is the only chance in the Manawatu for you to pay a 25 end game of fours. For me fours remains the blue ribbon event in bowls and no greater test than 25 ends. If you have never tried it give it a go.

• Clubs will be welcoming the general public to twilight bowls tournaments in the new year. Your chance to “have a go” without any commitment

That’s it from me. Bowling On has played it’s last end.

Tony Jensen.”