New Bowls Manawatu Board

Tony Woodley was voted in as the new President of Bowls Manawatu at todays AGM. Best Wishes to Tony for the upcoming year.

Tony took over from Phil Skoglund who had two years as President. A big thank you must be given to Phil for his work over the last two years, a feature being the successful partnership with Specsavers.

Joining Tony on the board will be Steve Toms as vice president. Newly elected members of the board are Eric Cairncross, Les Webster and Ross Martin. Returning Members were Viv Lozell, Coral Wing & Norah Bacon.

Bowls Manawatu Board 2014/15
President: Tony Woodley
Vice President: Steve Toms
Secretary/Manager: Vern Sixtus
Board: Eric Cairncross, Les Webster, Ross Martin, Norah Bacon, Viv Lozell, Coral Wing.

A feature of the new season will be the return to Open Tournaments as the qualifying for Pathways.