New Bowls Manawatu Board

Tony Woodley was voted in as the new President of Bowls Manawatu at todays AGM. Best Wishes to Tony for the upcoming year.

Tony took over from Phil Skoglund who had two years as President. A big thank you must be given to Phil for his work over the last two years, a feature being the successful partnership with Specsavers.

Joining Tony on the board will be Steve Toms as vice president. Newly elected members of the board are Eric Cairncross, Les Webster and Ross Martin. Returning Members were Viv Lozell, Coral Wing & Norah Bacon.

Bowls Manawatu Board 2014/15
President: Tony Woodley
Vice President: Steve Toms
Secretary/Manager: Vern Sixtus
Board: Eric Cairncross, Les Webster, Ross Martin, Norah Bacon, Viv Lozell, Coral Wing.

A feature of the new season will be the return to Open Tournaments as the qualifying for Pathways.

Palmerston North Four to compete at Nationals

The winning fours team of Pat Horgan, Clayton Simpson, Dean Gilshnan and Mike Abraham from Palmerston North will be contesting the National Club Champs in Dunedin. Lining up against teams from North Harbour, Taranaki, Nelson and Otago, they have a good chance of doing well. Also competing in Dunedin is Bev Budd in the Women’s Singles, she will be up against young gun Tayla Bruce, as well as players from North Harbour, Wanganui & Central Otago. Both Bev and the boys from Palmy will have a bye as only 5 teams/players have entered.

The tournament starts with the Mixed Pairs and runs from the 21st to the 28th of June. Good luck to those competing.

Bowls NZ have published the following programme.

Club Champs & Mxd Pairs Programme

Bowls Manawatu AGM to be held at PNBC Club

Notice: Bowls Manawatu Inc. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Bowls Manawatu Incorporated will be held in the Palmerston North Bowling Club Main Lounge on Sunday 27 July 2014 commencing at 1.00 pm.

Notices of Motion:

Any notice of motion from the Centre Board or from a Club must be received by the Centre Secretary by Tuesday 17 June 2014 in order to be considered at that meeting, unless otherwise agreed by the Centre Board. Every notice of motion from a Club must be signed by the Club President or the Club Secretary.

President, Vice-President, Patron and Board Members:

A President, Vice-President and up to 7 Board Members of the Centre shall be elected at each AGM. Nominations must be lodged with the Centre Secretary by Tuesday 17 June 2014. Nominations shall: be in writing; be signed by the Club President and Club Secretary of the nominating Club; contain the consent of the nominee and contain the nominee’s full postal address.

Comment on Bowls – 10th March

The Bowls Napier greens are the scene this week of six consecutive days of regional eliminations under the ‘pathways’ concept. At time of writing, Manawatu has already had significant success. The top Men’s Interclub side from Northern and the ‘B Grade’ Women’s team from the same club both earned a spot in the National Interclub finals weekend to be held in Palmerston North later this month. A journey to the deep South awaits Pat Horgan’s Palmerston North Men’s Four who will try for a National Club title at the Dunedin indoor complex in June. Further aspirants for Dunedin will hopefully emerge as the week progresses. While congratulating our successful players, several background aspects of the competition are points of discussion. Firstly, our ‘pathways’ players will face major hurdles to surmount in their pursuit of national glory because match play on artificial indoor surfaces is not available locally. The Heretaunga complex in Hastings the only one that is not located far from the Manawatu. It’s also acknowledged that the region in which Manawatu competes is not one of New Zealand’s strongest, meaning that most of their opponents will have battled through a potentially tougher field to earn their place. The ‘pathways’ concept was designed to give all players the chance to play their way to a national title without the expense of attending the traditional Nationals held in the post-Christmas period. It’s not quite that simple though, with endless debate about the costs of this system and consequently the best dates and venues to use from an economical point of view. Long gone are the halcyon days when money was poured liberally into the sport by a certain cigarette company, whose representatives would even dispense their product cost- free around the greens during top competition! The status of the ultimate champions is also under debate. From the outset, winners have earned a full national title and a point towards a potential Gold Star, but Gary Lawson and others have championed the argument that ‘pathways’ titles should not be recognised equally with the traditional tournament ones. Putting all that aside, local bowlers will be right behind our representatives who, in the Horgan team’s case anyway, sneaked through on countback by the narrowest of margins. This is not uncommon where only four teams are involved in a cut-throat competition which almost requires a mathematician on the bank to keep up with the constantly changing match differentials that often make all the difference at the end.
There was also a need for accurate maths last week in the engine room of the Palmerston North club’s 30th Golden Oldies tournament. In this case though, Centre Secretary Vern Sixtus and his trusty laptop computer ensured that results were dealt with accurately and speedily. There was a suggestion at one point that a certain former national president who was officiating at the Terrace End greens may have made an error! A speedy return journey to headquarters to locate the relevant scorecard proved that the error in fact lay with the skips, who had signed a card showing the reverse of the correct result. This incident underlined the responsibility of the players to keep accurate records in an event where often only the finest of margins separate the competitors and thus can make the difference when it comes to the prize money. This tournament is the biggest run by a club in the country, proving that there must be several keys to its ongoing success. One is the distribution of prize money, which is well stratified, avoiding the temptation to put too much emphasis on a large purse for the ‘A’ Section. Levin’s Ian Mahoney played impressively to wrap up his second title in three years, this time with a radically altered team featuring the addition of two former Manawatu players in David Walker and ‘the Lizard’, a.k.a. Trevor Tuatara.

Denis Duffy

Bowls Comment by Denis Duffy

As Bowls followers battled the horrendous gales to locate a worthwhile spectacle last weekend, probably very few thought to stop off at the abandoned top green at Takaro. If they had, they would have observed our Commonwealth Games players, Barry Wynks and Mark Noble, hard at work for hours on end as they gradually master the skills they will require. A very different mindset, backed up by distinctly different skills, is required to be competitive on the rough, lead-heavy and at times under-prepared greens that most countries in the world strangely choose to play on. It was encouraging to hear that Mark and Barry were joined at the weekend by Wellington’s Lisa White, a member of our Women’s Team, who was in the squad that journeyed to Glasgow to experience the foreign conditions in recent months. Sharon Sims is also giving generously of her time and ‘knowhow’. To be able to tap into the experience of a local player who has managed to earn medals in top Northern Hemisphere competition must be a big advantage. Centre President Phil Skoglund battled greens like these at Edmonton in 1978, leading to his biographer later being threatened with a libel suit for honestly reporting his opinion of the local surfaces! It’s comical now to read in ‘Mr Bowls’, the biography of Phil’s uncle T.T. Skoglund, how this country sent a team in total ignorance and completely unprepared to the Vancouver Empire Games of 1954. New Zealanders played on lightning-fast grass greens in those days, and our team were totally bewildered to find themselves competing on vast swards composed of something vaguely resembling buffalo grass.

The major fixtures of the weekend were of course the Hexagonal for Men and Women, which was endorsed by players and officials and will be continued into the future. The performance of both our teams was simply outstanding. The Women proved themselves equal to the powerful Wellington side and the Men just got home ahead of Wanganui, while both left the other four Centres battling for the minor places. The Men’s Singles players, Shane Rogers and Darryl Johnson, must deserve special mention for their lion-hearted exhibitions of skill and tenacity in seriously adverse conditions, finishing with a scarcely believable nine wins and a narrow loss from ten starts. Darryl’s immaculate weight control and Shane’s ability to fight back from substantial deficits were a highlight, but the combined achievement of both teams was huge. Then came the difficult process for the respective selectors of cutting back their successful teams to the seven players required. Viv Lozell’s Women’s team looks strong and experienced, with an in-form Feona Sayles providing the spearhead in the Singles. The Men’s side is a conservative selection by Terry Puklowski, who has preferred to call on the vast top-level experience of Philip Skoglund in the Singles, rather than gambling on Shane Rogers being able to step up to an even higher plane. Shane will be disappointed, but he’s in the team, and both Men and Women have the firepower to pull off a big result.

This weekend sees another chapter of the very successful Hospice Tournament at Northern with its associated auctions and raffles which Barry Gush continues to organise and run so well. If readers not already involved are keen to participate in any way in this worthy event, they should contact Barry or the Northern Club, even at this late stage.

Bowls Comment – 17th February

Brian Henn’s victory in a long delayed but hard fought Open Singles final was a popular one, and was even good enough to lure wife Lois to the greens for a very rare glimpse of her husband’s skills. It was his third tight tussle under the two-life system with a high quality opponent in Mark Noble, and in the end there was still nothing between them! Brian’s winning shot was an advertisement for his well recognised style, using the precise weight to achieve the result he was after. Brian is well regarded as a hard-bitten survivor from a bygone era and is hardly a poster boy for the clean -cut image that the bodies funding sport these days would like to see. He dispenses with hats for sun protection and is even sighted occasionally with a cigarette in place while drawing the shot. In earlier days he learnt his trade leading for the powerful Peter Shaw side that boasted the talented McGovern brothers in the engine room of the team, and he won his first Centre titles with them. Much more recently, his solid leading has contributed hugely to the successful Brian Little combination in Taranaki. His Gold Star took a long time coming though, because
only in recent years has he become a feared Singles exponent. His genial, no-nonsense no-fuss approach is an example to any young player.

With the crucial Champion of Champions events now complete, a lasting impression is of the collective strength of the Northern women , most recently Champion Fours and Open Pairs winners to add to another Interclub title earlier. With Sharon Sims currently having time out, there are no real stars among the Northern women, but there are many very capable players whose collective club spirit produces the little bit extra needed to win so consistently. The power of Pat Horgan’s Palmerston North combo in the Men’s Fours is obvious, but it was great to see the re-emergence of young Ashhurst skip Mark McIntosh, who marshalled his team well to take the final to the wire. Two of Pat’s team learnt their trade at Terrace End, with Mike Abraham picking up his first title and Clayton Simpson showing again that he is a fine player with youth and exceptional ability on his side.

The hexagonal representative event hosted locally this coming weekend will give both men and women a good idea of where they stand looking forward to the national Inter-Centre titles in Wellington. Barry Wynks and Mark Noble will be missed, but it’s often overlooked that Manawatu were an unlucky second to Dunedin for the Men’s title last year, so our players are genuine contenders.

The Palmerston North club will host two major extended tournaments in the near future – first the North Island LVA Fours and then the unique Golden Oldies event which has filled up yet again with a full field of eighty teams.This is a big tournament by any modern standards and Ken Murray’s superbly prepared greens will guarantee the best possible conditions for both events.

Denis Duffy

Bowling On – 10th December

Thanks, To Tony Jensen for his latest news from around the Centre…

“Manawatu Bowls interclub has all but come and gone for another season and yet again Northern has shown it has all the playing strength.

Northern won Division One Men’s and women’s and added Division Two women’s for good measure. They won’t get Division Two men’s though which still has one round to go owing to the poor programming. The only two teams that don’t have to turn up for the last round are Northern and Johnston Park B who were due to play each other with neither able to win the event.

I hate saying “I told you so” but this scribe commented before the competition started that it was crazy playing two rounds on the first and second days and programming three rounds for the last day. Inevitably it was the last day when rain interruptions occurred. Three rounds on day one and two and it would be all over. It’s a matter that for some reason the Centre doesn’t want to see sense on.

Now it is all over I am still wondering what has been achieved in combining Division One with Wanganui. Both centres will still send their own team onto regional finals and there is the possible scenario that a Manawatu team could have scored more points against the other Manawatu sides than the winner but doesn’t go through because of games against Wanganui. I don’t think that has occurred but the fact remains it could and that would not be right.

If the experiment to combine is to be meaningful then it should be a true combining and only one team from the two centres would proceed to regionals. That would put steel into the contest. As it stands all it has added is a couple of expensive bus trips.

• Because of the way the season has been constructed most clubs will be nearing completion of all their championships. Champion of champion events will be played through February so for the average bowler there will only be open tournaments to look forward to after mid- January. There are some good open tournaments on offer during March and April and with a bit of hard work. on marketing clubs should be able to attract full fields.

• It might sound a way off but start thinking about your teams for the annual Hospice tournament on 01 March and don’t be afraid to drop any items you might want to give to the auction or raffles into the Northern club. I’m sure that every club has reason to thank the Hospice and this is payback day.

• Johnston Park are again running their very successful pre-Taranaki men’s fours tournament on 11 and 12 January and it is the only chance in the Manawatu for you to pay a 25 end game of fours. For me fours remains the blue ribbon event in bowls and no greater test than 25 ends. If you have never tried it give it a go.

• Clubs will be welcoming the general public to twilight bowls tournaments in the new year. Your chance to “have a go” without any commitment

That’s it from me. Bowling On has played it’s last end.

Tony Jensen.”

Bowling On – 27 Nov.

I expected reaction last week to my provocative column but the surprising thing is most all reaction has come from non bowlers and other organisations and sports.

The general tenet has been that the comments in regards to bowls in the Manawatu can equally be applied in many other sports and other organisations such as service clubs when using the sames

Several bowlers have contacted me and all were in agreement with the diagnosis. Is it too late to change? I believe it is as changes need to be so radical that the rank and file of the game would not countenance the quantum shifts needed.

Anyway enough of that and back to the current season’s happenings. Two divisions of Manawatu interclub have been completed and as expected Northern are the women’s Division Two champions and will proceed to regional finals. Bulls rattled home with 14 points but with 18 points in total were still five adrift of Northern when the last round finished prematurely.

In men’s division three Palmerston North A didn’t need to complete the final round either and on 22 points were well clear of Himatangi Beach and Northern with 16 apiece.

It’s a lay week for interclub again this weekend before all other divisions complete three rounds on Saturday 7 December and with the division one teams at home there will effectively be a round robin Manawatu competition. With 18 points there for the taking on the day I wouldn’t discount any Club including Palmerston North which currently languishes eight points behind Northern. A clean sweep first up and it could be all on.

Each season Men’s division two provides the closest competition and it is very much that way again. Palmerston North’s two sides, Johnston Park and Ashhurst/Bulls are always in the mix but this year it is Takaro that is in front by a clear four points. In the first two rounds they meet Palmerston North B and Johnston Park A so their destiny will be dictated by their own performance. I won’t nominate any winners as I’m sick of eating humble pie whenever I do!

The final division to be decided is The Any Gender fourth and that looks as though Shannon or Dannevirke will prevail.

• I’ve entered the Men’s Open Pairs the Centre is running from 2 January 2014 and I have to say I have often thought there was a good opportunity for Manawatu to run an open event at this time. I’m looking forward to it.

• This paper publishing a file photo of Chris Barrett last week with the late Laurie Gordon alongside and it was a poignant reminder of what bowls lost last season with the untimely deaths of Gordon, Bob Williams and Fran Frith who were all aged in their mid sixties. Sure there were other bowlers who passed on but the comparative youth and outstanding abilities of this trio made the losses felt so much more.

Tony Jensen

Bowling On – 21 November

As we near the halfway mark for the Bowling season it is an appropriate time to review the health of the game.

After a thorough examination including CT scan, ultra-sound, Xray and MRI I am afraid Dr Tony has no option but to conclude “Terminally ill” and little chance of surviving another 20 years. If you don’t believe me here are some numbers. The Ladies will please forgive me for dealing only with men’s playing numbers but when I pulled out the 1990-91 season handbook it was a reminder that Apartheid was removed in South Africa before our two genders could see their way clear to work together in bowls.

That book told me that at that time 1992 men played the game in the Manawatu  compared to the 542 who do so today. In fact the 1450 that have disappeared represent nearly three times those who remain in the game. I hunted out the 1996-97 handbook next (still in the era of Bowls version of Apartheid) to see there were 1594 playing then so the decline had commenced but there were still more than a thousand more in the game than today. It doesn’t surprise me that the decline started in this period as New Zealand changed forever with the advent in 1990 of almost unrestricted weekend shopping.

For you information membership by club in 1990-91 and today follows. I have bracketed clubs that have amalgamated and placed an asterisk beside those that are defunct;

Ashhurst       38        12
Bulls              43        29
Dannevirke  197        29
Oroua   )       242       69
Foxton  )
Foxton Bch)  194       28
Hokowhitu    172       33
Himatangi       –          21
Kairanga        24*
Kimbolton      32        17
Manawatu      98*
Northern      195        52
Pahiatua         90        11
Palm Nth      213       110
Shannon        70        18
Takaro          135       38
Te Kawau       36          9
Terrace End  154        49
Woodville       59         17

TOTAL.          1992      542

The figures speak for themselves thus my health assessment is pretty accurate.  Among the reasons for the change are;

1. The game takes too long
2. Weekend Shopping
3. The game takes too long
4. Weekend work
5. The game takes too long
6. Change in our ethnicity
7. The game takes too long
8. Poor administration at all levels
9. The game takes too long
10. The game does not lend itself to TV.

And by the way the game takes too long! The “taking too long” has many forms. For instance the Centre Open Singles were played on 12 and 13 October 2013 and then the final was held over. Here we are at the end of November and it still hasn’t been played. Imagine a game of League going to Golden Boot and you hold that part over for six weeks. Or you play the US Open and hold the playoff over and don’t bother setting a date.

Tournaments take too long in both length of game and duration. There is little or no restriction on time wasting and that aspect is demonstrably worse than it was 20 years ago. “Posers” will wander nonchalantly to the head, walk round it three times, walk halfway back to the mat, return for one more lap of the head then go back and play a nothing shot. All the while their team mates are close to comatose from boredom.

Two other aspects of the game that many people find unattractive are smoking on the green and drinking during play. Imagine Richie McCaw imploring his troops to greater effort with a fag hanging out his mouth or in the dressing room having a pint at halftime! For mine it’s not an attractive part of the sport and how many has it put off the game? Perhaps we need to ask those 1450 who no longer play.

I know this column sounds very negative but the facts don’t lie. No doubt there’ll be a few knives waiting for my back if I get back on the green sometime.


Bowling On

Bowling On

The furrowed brow I witnessed on the face of Manawatu Representative Bowls selector Terry Puklowski’s face on Sunday was very likely caused by the news that Palmerston North men were unable to win a game in division one interclub last Saturday.

Palmerston North usually provide half the Manawatu men’s team and with the annual Arnott Duckett event against Taranaki and Wanganui being played on Saturday 15 November the form of players competing at this level is vital and there are no events being played this coming weekend that will provide the necessary level of competition. Hopefully the adage that class is permanent and form is temporary will apply. The teams for the tournament are: Senior (green) Singles, Brian Looker; Pairs, Stephen Love (s) and Graeme Cooley; Fours Pat Horgan (s), Mark Noble, Darryl Johnson and Dean Gilshnan; (white) Singles Chris Barrett, Pairs Barry Wynks and Scotty McGavin; Fours Brian Little, Steve Toms, Grant Davis and Terry Rossiter: (development) Mike Hodge, Keith Hughes, Colin Cherri, Graham Black, Mike Abraham, Harry Mills, Chance Haussman and Eion McIntosh.

After day one of interclub there are five clubs even on eight points being Northern, Terrace End, Aramaho, Durie Hill and Wanganui East followed by Takaro, Marton and Wanganui on four and Palmerston North failing to worry the scorers. There are five rounds to go of course and anything could happen yet but I suspect we will see a few more surprises.

After making an ageist jibe at the Palmerston North women in this column last week they took the remark right to heart and came out blazing to lead the women’s competition on nine points, closely followed by Northern and Wanganui East on eight, Johnston Park six, Laird Park five while Marton, Terrace End and Wanganui are all on four each. A tight looking competition. When the Palmerston North ladies bake me a humble pie please remember my favourite flavour is mince and cheese!

• No results have been provided for division two interclub which also proceeds to a National title but I have to say I have a large bouquet and an equally sized brickbat for Palmerston North which hosted the men’s event. A bouquet for producing two greens of absolutely outstanding quality and I don’t believe I have ever played on a better surface than what we struck. The “greenkeeper” is the most maligned person in bowls and it is always his fault when someone plays poorly. Well we got a bath from Northern in one game but the rink was superb. Ken Murray has no peer in his profession.

The brickbat was the club’s failure to provide markers for the singles which was a poor show. If they had a problem the time to resolve it was the night before and not leave it to chance on the morning. The information sheet that went to clubs on 15th October was very clear in the requirement for four markers. Not much to ask of a club of 159 members. I suspect we won’t encounter the problem at the smaller clubs who pride themselves on their hospitality.

• Philip Skoglund jnr is unavailable for the Manawatu team currently but is in great form all the same. At the weekend he made the final of the prestigious North East Valley singles only to bow to Ali Forsyth the dual NZ singles champion 25-16 after a slow start. In such form he will be useful later in the season.

• Events that hold a real mystique for us mere males are the women’s galas which always seem to draw big fields and are great money spinners for the clubs. The cross club support they receive is a lesson for us all. Galas coming up are Terrace End 18 November, Ashhurst 27 November and Johnston Park 9th December.

Good bowling


Bowling On

Bowls Manawatu Division One Interclub commences on Saturday and a unique change is the joint competition with Wanganui Clubs.

Each Centre will still provide a representative club to go onto regional and perhaps National finals and in theory one of the Centres could grant that privilege to a club finishing fifth overall although unlikely.

Manawatu will be represented by Palmerston North, Northern and Terrace End in both gender competitions while Johnston Park and Takaro will be the fourth team in the women’s and men’s competitions respectively. Wanganui and Wanganui East will be in both competitions for the Wanganui Centre and the highly ranked Aramaho and Durie Hill are the other two men’s clubs. Laird Park and Marton complete the four clubs in the women’s competitions.

What the change will do is remove a lot of the predictability with travel, different greens and unknown opponents being considerations for all players and how they cope on day one may dictate the outcome.

Wanganui teams are not known to me but at Centre level our
representative players often struggle to compete and I expect they will be very competitive all round. Northern women will be without Feona Sayles, Chris Quinn and Sharon Sims but it’s side still looks well balanced and exemplifies the club’s depth. I like the look of Terrace End’s women’s team while Johnston Park is newly promoted to Division One but will feel the loss of their two best players Robyn Schischka and Lyn Jensen who are both unavailable.

At the risk of being ageist Palmerston North women look just a little too seasoned to foot it – I await the howls of protest.

Northern also have several changes in the men’s seven with Philip Sloglund Jnr, Craig Gush, Cameron Nairne, Grant Simms and Ray Lovie all gone from the club or unavailable. Palmerston North have lost singles exponent Ross Ellery but lose nothing in replacement Chris Barrett while Pat Horgan will skip a four with two new faces in Clayton Simpson who has transferred from Terrace End and Dean Gilshnan who came of age last season. Brian Little skips Graeme Cooley in the pair and I expect they will be a formidable combination.

Takaro and Terrace End will be competitive with the mens sevens they have named but I question some of the playing order particularly the Takaro four which has an upside down look about it.

Men’s Division two is back in numbers with eight teams and Johnston Park and Palmerston North have two entries each. It is usually a matter of which of the Palmerston North teams wins this grade.

Most divisions play two rounds on day one then three rounds on subsequent days which I find thoughtless and totally illogical. If you lose time in a competition it needs to be made up and common sense says if you lose the time later on you can’t return to day one to make it up! Play three rounds a day from the start is the only sensible approach.

Manawatu Division One teams are (singles players are shown first followed by pairs skip, lead, fours skip etc): Women, Palmerston North, Robyn McGregor, Pat Cohr, Joan Ware, Ngaire Cowen, Nancy Meads, Marilyn Free, Jewell Griggs; Johnston Park Ann Corlett, Gillian Friis, Christina Bryan, Tina Vartha, Lois Tyler, Tania McKay, Maureen Coffey; Northern, Mere Fryer, Liz Rossiter, Noeleen Elston, Sue Meyer, Anna Davis, Juilanne Mills, Janeen Noble: Terrace End, Patricia Hansen, Bev Budd, Georgie Kahui-Rogers, Sheryn Blake, Hine Bennett-Davies, Ailsa Lindsay, Sharon Groves; Men, Palmerston North, Chris Barrett, Brian Little, Graeme Cooley, Pat Horgan, Steve Toms, Clayton Simpson, Dean Gilshnan: Northern, Terry Johnson, Mark Noble, Neil Gordon, Grant Davis, Adam Johnston, Rhys Hakkens, Bruce Harris; Terrace End, Brian Looker, Shane Rogers, Graeme Gosnell, Dave Newell, Barry Evans, Scruff Anderson, Mike Hodge; Takaro, Terry Rossiter, Barry Wynks, Don Sones, Clark Norris, Kevin Bryan, Ian Johnson. Terry Curtis.

• In a thrilling finish Doug Hayward and Ann Corlett (Northern) beat the husband and wife combination of Liz and Terry Rossiter in the final of the Centre mixed 2-4-2 pairs at Northern on Monday. The score was 12-12 going into the last end and Corlett immediately plonked a bowl right on the jack and it stayed there. All of those characters are in the “Good Guys” category and all a little unheralded as well.

• The Centre is still to set a date to play the carried over final of the Open singles which will be between the crusty old Palmerston North bowler Brian Henn and the hightly rated Mark Noble. There is some disquiet among bowlers after the final was carried over after a Monday was set down for the tournament. Several top bowlers did not enter because of work commitments and were bemused to see such a change can be made on a whim.

• Good Bowling

Tony Jensen

Bowling On: October 7

Thanks, to Tony Jensen for his latest news from around the Centre.

Manawatu Bowls will swing into full gear for the season with the playing of the Centre Open Singles for both genders this coming weekend.

The only disappointment for me is completing the tournament on Monday rather than a later weekend thus precluding some working people from playing. It is easy to suggest taking leave but many jobs are such today that one off leave days are not easy. There is enough thought that bowls is an old man’s game without going out of the way to make workers unwelcome.

Nevertheless there is a good field lining up and the top half of the Women’s B section at Feilding has the look of the draw from hell about it. Included in the eight players are Noeleen Elston, Sheryn Blake, Feona Sayles, Mere Fryer, Anna Davis all top Manawatu representative bowlers of recent vintage as well as Taradale’s Colleen Ferrick who has been prominent at National level. The bottom half is only marginally less fierce including Georgie Kahui-Rogers, Janeen Noble, Joan Ware, Sue Meyer and Sharon Groves. Many of these women will be in the one-life draw after one round so that won’t be an easy path. Selector Viv Lozell will be delighted to see so many good match-ups to look at as she looks to find her teams for the season.

The men’s sections do not have the same spread of talent but there are some good first round match-ups all the same. At Shannon Brian Schischka who won the open singles when it was last played two years ago meets Current Representative Barry Wynks and with both bowlers sporting reputations as slowish players I can see markers hiding in the locker room to avoid that game.

At Woodville Philip Skoglund jnr plays Darryl Johnson (who has joined the exodus from Foxton & Beach to Himatangi Beach) who is a formidable singles exponent. Another top match there will be Terrace End clubmates Brian Looker and Shane Rogers. The pick of first round games at Palmerston North will be Mark Noble playing Clayton Simpson.

After two rounds a quarter of the field will exit and the numbers will reduce quickly from then. I am a proponent of the two-life system and some good bowlers will be marking come the third round. The most prominent bowlers missing are Scotty McGavin, Stephen Love and Chris Barrett.

. Bowls administration hit a new low last weekend when the running of the annual hexagonal event in Wanganui turned into a shambles. The Manawatu Centre President Phil Skoglund is guarded about commenting but it would appear that after Centres agreeing some time back that the event would now be open to eight year and under bowlers the agreement was overturned during the tournament. All of us in bowls know that conditions of play can only be altered by the Controlling Body but a decision was taken by a group comprising the Managers of the women’s teams.

That being allowed to happen is incredulous enough but that it only applied to the women’s event and not the men’s adds to the suggestion that someone who couldn’t run a bath was running things. The upshot was that Manawatu won the women’s event on the green but were penalised two points for each game they fielded a player that was not a five year and under bowler. I understand the Manawatu women reacted with admirable dignity when informed of the assinine decision but I can’t understand the Centre having no comment. In this day and age social media means the information is spread around the bowling fraternity rapidly so staying “mum” is no response. I awoke to a text before 6-00am on Monday alerting me something was up. It is said the Lord moves in mysterious ways but he has nothing on Bowls

• It is probably bittersweet now but I thought it a fantastic achievement from Kylie Yates of the Ashhurst Club to make the “eight year” and under Manawatu team. The club has but three women bowlers so to excel at centre level has been a special effort.

125 Year Anniversary Celebrations!

In March 2014, we will be celebrating our 125th year! Come and celebrate with us… From March 14th to the 16th we will be holding events to honour our Anniversary!

Programme of Events:
Friday 14th March: Registration 3-5 pm, Meet and Greet from 5 pm until late.

Saturday 15th March: Open Tournament. The Format will be Any Gender 4’s. This tournament will be a drawn tournament as many people may not be able to bring a full team. Start is at 9.30 am and will finish around 4 pm with a prizegiving.Saturday 15th March: Saturday evening Function/Meal – times to be finalised – until late.

Sunday 16th March: Church Service/Farewell at 10 am – BBQ Brunch to conclude.

You can register for individual functions. Prices to be confirmed.

If you are interested contact the club.
Phone: 06 357 6022 or email:

National Club Champs in Invercargill – Updated Round 4

Results will be updated here for the National Club Champs being held in Invercargill.

3 Rounds of Triples to be played per day, featuring our team from Palmerston North. Graeme Cooley, Steve Toms and Chris Barrett. They lost the first game but bounced back with a win against Graham Skellern. Next up they play the local Dunedin team, and with 2 wins themselves, Palmerston North will need to win, to keep in the hunt.

The Palmerston North Triples played the team from Fairfield (Dunedin) in their last game of the day but lost narrowly, which continues the trend of the locals making full use of home ground advantage. The Dunedin team went on to win beating Victoria in the final match.

Round 1: Lost to Richard Corry,Tim Toomey and Raymond Martin from Victoria 11-20.
Round 2: Won over Graham Skellern, Ben Thurston, Graeme Heward from Tauranga South 22-21.
Round 3: Lost to Blair Barringer, Robbie Thomson and Roger Barron from Fairfield, Dunedin 15-19.
Round 4: Lost to Rick Day, Paddy Stewart, Paul Mariu from Rangiora, Canterbury 18-21

National Club Champs Men’s Triples Results

Mens Singles Winner: Chris Le Lievre , Onehunga. (Auckland)
Women’s Singles Winner: Serena Matthews, Dunsandel. (Canterbury)

Mens Pairs: Nigel Birkbeck & Kieran Fleury, Wakari (Dunedin)
Women’s Pairs: Averil Fowler & Sue Kincaid, Balfour (Southland)

Mens Triples: Blair Barringer, Robbie Thomson and Roger Barron, Fairfield, (Dunedin)
Womens Triples: Reen Stratford, Karen De Jongh and Bev Crowe, Carlton Cornwall (Auckland)

National Club Champs Programme

Attached is the programme for the National Club Champs to be held in Invercargill. Kindly supplied with courtesy from Bowls NZ

Steve, Graeme and Chris will be representing Palmerston North, and are drawn against teams from Maungatapere (Northland), Graham Skellern’s team from Tauranga South, and teams from Victoria (Wellington), Rangiora (Canterbury) and Fairfield (Dunedin).

To view click on the following link: 2013 Programme National Club Championshp Programme

Club Newsletter – April


It is now closing in on the end of the season and reminding you that our closing day is Saturday 11th May. At present it is proposed that it will be a meal with a band to follow at 7.30pm. TICKETS can be purchased from the bar or office
at $18 each.

One factor is that all trophies to be returned in good nick. Nice and shiny please!!

A sponsors ‘thank you’ night has been arranged for Friday 3 May 2013 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. It is hoped members will attend and mingle with our sponsors.

Also a reminder that the midweek AGM is at 1.30pm on Tuesday May 14th at 1.30pm and then our club’s AGM on Sunday 26th May also at 1.30pm.
As you can see by the nomination board in the lounge there are too many vacancies to be filled. This is one time for the club to show its strength and have an active committee to see us through the next season. We urge you to give this serious thought and have pro-active members to guide us through. While many think being on committees is too onerous a task, we all have a responsibility to participate and be part of a strong club.

CONGRATULATIONS go out to those who were successful during the season and notably our Division two team in the national inter club finals. They were Dean Gilshnan, John Pene, Brian Grammer, Trevor Butcher, Colin Cherri, Rex Stokes and Paul Rowe with Brian Henn the manager.

Dean followed this success by combining with Pat Horgan to win the Specsavers Open men’s pairs over Adam Johnston and Scotty McGavin.

Rex Stokes was runner-up to Terry Puklowski in the C of C over 65yrs singles while John O’Connor and Colin Cherri won the over 65yrs C of C pairs.
John O’Connor continued his winning way with a narrow win in our club’s points day. He had 49pts, followed by Barbara Healy and Craig Morgan with 47pts, Meg Forno with 46pts and Anne Ayers with 45pts.

Commiserations to John Leahy and Jacko Stephens for a near miss 17-18 in the 1-2 yrs pairs to Himitangi Beach. Eva Heinrich went out in the semi finals of the women’s singles.

Twilight Bowls resulted in a popular victory to Basil Parkinson. He won the revised countback from Paul Joe, Craig Morgan and John Pene, with Anne Horne fifth In the Skoglund competition Palmerston North Division 1 went to Palmerston North, Division 2 to Foxton Beach with Palmerston North Gold 4th and in Division 3 Johnston Park won with Palmerston North Green 2nd.
The Elizabeth Walker competition was won by Foxton & Beach.

CHICKEN FRIDAY results were: 22nd March: Joan Ware, Ross Gibson and Judy Cooksley 1st, Ted Hodgson, Ian Darvill and Ron Paddy 2nd, Ian Crichton, Jeff Jeffrey and Craig Morgan 3rd.
5th April: John O’Connor, Ross Gibson and Craig Morgan 1st, Stan Wells, Paul Joe, Elma Signal 2nd, Meg Forno, Ian Darvill, Jean Rutherford 3rd.
12th April: Willie Young, Ross Gibson, Graeme Duncan 1st, John O’Connor, Stan Wells, Grant Lassen 2nd.

Terrace End 2x4x2 Pairs on 21 April 2013 was won by Trevor Butcher (S) and Eric Cairncross.


Bowling On by Tony Jensen – 3rd April

April usually sees champion of champion events each week but with these events having been run off earlier there is little else other than club open tournaments for the rest of the season.
The exception is the Centre Open pairs to be played from 13-15 April but I gather there are not a large number of entries. With club news non existent or not being passed on I am making this my final column for the season. I am not going to trundle through an almanack of the season but will share a few highlights as I saw it or personally enjoyed.
• First in the order of highlights was the sight of two Northern women Anna Davis and Mere Freyer contesting semi-finals of the National singles at Paritutu in New Plymouth. Both contested admirably and an ounce of luck here and a slide there could have seen them both in the final.
• Not far behind were the efforts of Palmerston North and Northern in winning the National Second Division Interclub for men and women respectively. The second Division is far more strongly contested than first division as many clubs see themselves as only cannon fodder in the higher echelon. Palmerston North is arguably the oldest team to win a National title with Trevor Butcher, Colin Cherri, Rex Stokes, Brian Grammer and John Pene all long serving members of the National Superannuation club and Paul Rowe starting to knock on the door. The only relative youngster is singles player Dean Gilshnan who marked his coming of age as an outdoor bowler winning his five matches. John Pene at 81 would be right up there amongst the oldest to win a national title.
• The performance of Manawatu’s mens team in finishing second at the national intercentre was very meritorious and they were but one shot from possible victory. They proved to themselves that Auckland greens need hold no fears for them.
• Two champion of champion victories that gave me delight were the tiny Shannon club’s Women’s triple and of course Lyn Jensen of Johnston Park (and the other half of my bed) in the singles.
• With the absence of centre open events I found myself playing a lot more open tournaments. The more I play the more I enjoy them and the one that gave me particular delight was my first foray into Palmerston North’s Golden Oldies.
So those are some season highlights as I saw them.
Easter saw Northern’s very popular three day triples held and it proved to be yet another highly organised and hotly contested event. It is a very good format with 20 of the 32 teams taking home prizemoney. In the top division final Terry Curtis skipped the two Rossiters Terry and Liz to victory over Neil Gordon, Brian Henn and Lynlea Rogers. “Scruff” Gordon showed his legendary toughness by dragging his team out of a 13-3 grave to get back to 15-16 only for Curtis to kill the end after the final bell.
One of the real features was the number of local bowlers who took the opportunity to play a tournament with players from other clubs and there were at least a dozen such combinations. Mike Hodge from Terrace End had his parents from Whangarei join him for the tournament which must be pretty special for those involved.
And my bowler of the season? A deadheat between Reg Webb from Te Kawau and Dennis Richards from Masterton. It’s not for their on green performances but the phenomenal way they support the game by entering tournaments. I see more of Dennis than most of my clubmates and Reg’s name seem to be in every tournament. Those types are the real ones who keep the game healthy.

Golden Oldies Results

Results are as follows:
Sect. ‘A’ – 1st. C. Bell, M. Robertson, P. Raymond, C. Evans (Wang.. East)
2nd: B. Wynks, T. Jensen, T. Curtis, P. 0’Neill (Takaro)
3rd. D. Hayward, B. Hyde, H. Bailey, B,. Gush (Northern)
4th: G.. Couch, I. Ellen, L. Hocquard, S. Goater (Wang. East)

Sect. ‘B’: 1st J. Carter, B. Walley, B. Toomey, B. Woodhouse (Hutt)
2nd N. Sole (West End)
3rd: S. Prescott (Aramoho)
4th. B. Stewart (Hastings

Sect. ‘C’ 1st D. Richards, K. Taucher, A. Daysh, R. Taucher, (Masterton)
2nd: C. Cherri (Palm. North)
3rd: T. Small (Havelock North)
4th. K. Mullaney (Marton)

Sect. ‘D’ 1st R. Hutchinson (Wang. East)
2nd: M. Walsh (Paritutu)
3rd. S. Mishkin (Waikanae
4th. J. Harman (Eketahuna

Sect. ‘E’ 1st: B. Schischka (Johnston Park
2nd I. Jamieson (Palm. North)
3rd. L. Wheeler (Wanganui)
4th. B. Carey (Johnston Park)

Section Qualifiers: Peter Belliss (A), M. Robertson (B), N. Kopke (C), B. Wynks (D), D. Hayward (E)

Latest Newsletter


Congratulations to Pat Horgan, Graeme Cooley and Ross Ellery in winning the
centre Open triples played on our greens a week ago. Commiserations to Bryan
Little, Ian Monaghan, Ron and Brian Henn on being runner-up (for the second
time) in the Taranaki Open fours.

Our own men’s open triples was won by Chris Barrett, Steve Toms and Eric
Watson over Pat Horgan’s trio.

Our first twilight bowls went to John Pene, Paul Joe and Margaret Taylor,
second were Gerry Firth, Ted Hodgson and Lorraine Vickers while third were
Des Rielly, Bruce Heaphy and Jean Rutherford.

Our second twilight bowls, held on Monday 28 Jan., went to Robyn McGregor,
Paul Joe, Eva Heinrich, 2nd Jim Owen, Pat Cohr, Basil Parkinson.

Chicken Friday results: 16.1.13. Ted Hodgson, Yvonne Crighton and Thomas
Tam, second were Gerry Firth, Paul Joe and Jenny Grammer and third were
Ian Crighton, Bruce Heaphy, Craig Morgan and Lesley Ward.
25.1.13: Meg Forno, Stan Wells, Trevor Smith 1st, Gerry van Rooyen, Paul Joe
and Basil Parkinson 2nd, Brian Grammer, Jim Owen and Anne Horne 3rd.

One of the club’s most esteemed members Les Gimblett tells us that his health
scare was just that. A scare. He says he has had the all clear and that it one of the
good news stories of late.

It commenced last week with 19 teams and indications are that the enthusiasm is
still the same among the competitors. This is another piece of good news.

The field is filling towards the maximum we need of 80 teams to continue
the trend which has been part and parcel of this time-honoured tournament.
Already there are 78 entries but with the likelihood of drop-outs nearer the
time, it is always good to have a few extras to fill the likelihood of the inevitable

Chippie tells us that he has plenty of prizes for the two draws for the first of
these on Friday evening. Be here between 6pm and 6.45 for the opportunity to

It is good to have the Army looking after us and we have reciprocated by having
them use our facilities recently. They will come again and expect challenges from
other units of the country’s defence forces. Some show the skills to adapt to the
bowling game and we welcome their presence.

Singles at Northern on 16th February:
Pairs at Terrace End of February 3rd and 9th:
Triples at Johnston Park February 10th & 17th:
Fours at Northern on February 2nd and 9th.

10yrs and under Singles and Pairs at Palmerston North on 20th and 21st April.
1 & 2yrs Singles and Pairs dates changed to 23rd and 24th March

This tournament was left out of the handbook but it will be played on 31 March
2013, commencing 1.p.m. It is a men versus ladies competition. An
entry sheet will be put up at the front of the men’s locker room where other
tournament entry sheets can be found.

Congratulations must go to Eva Heinrich and John Lahey following their recent

S. McGrail

Palmerston North Christmas Newsletter

It is a Merry Christmas to all our members and supporters and a Happy New Year to follow.

This Friday Chippie will be finalising the Treasure Chest and it offers an opportunity for someone to snare a welcome Christmas bonus. There are only four tickets left and here is your chance to get some well deserved cash. As for the New Year it will be a matter of watching this space. Something new is in the offing and we can only wait expectantly. The club is pleased with the response from members to the raffles we have had and some have benefited greatly with their hams which will adorn the Christmas table.

Our Christmas function went swimmingly, although a few more members would have made the evening a memorable one. The band was excellent and the dance floor was well patronised. A comment was that the band was one of the best yet we have had. A pity some missed out on a special evening. The “Bring a Plate” offered variety in the food line and should be repeated again.

Joan Lissington has been doing a good job in charge of the kitchen and she reported to our executive meeting that the women’s open triples and Stewarts Electrical Xmas social was a huge success. Unfortunately many were unable to get out onto the greens because of the weather but showed plenty of interest wihen the Mates In Bowls concept and the Family, Friends and Neighbours variables were suggested to them.

The Club passes its condolences to former member Crellan Hooper on the recent passing of his wife. Crellan was one of those from the Kairanga Club which came to us several years ago and has been a a strong participant through those years.

The Christmas drawn pairs are on this Saturday December 22nd at 1pm. There will be a nominal charge of $5 with white or club trousers with a Christmas theme in regards to the shirt. This will be a relaxed day and one to be enjoyed. John O’Connor will be the convenor. Entries close at 12 noon.

The Club will have several members competing at the National Championships in the Taranaki and we wish them the best of luck.

The annual Golden Oldies four day tournament in March is filling steadily and it is usually after the holidays that teams start being put together.

Results from some of our Championships over the past month are: Senior Women singles: Robyn McGregor; Senior Mens: Pat Horgan who prevailed over Eric Cairncross; Mens 10yrs & under: Dean Gilshnan over Ted Hodgson.

Senior Womens Pairs: Pat Cohr and Nancy Meads over Joan Ware and Margaret Humphreys.

10yrs and under women triples: Lorraine Vickers, Beryl England and Jenny Grammer; womens 10yrs and under fours: Lesley Findlay, Elaine Te Whatu, Shirley Bartlett and Jean Rutherford.

The men’s National Division 2 team which were successful comprised Dean Gilshnan, John Pene, Brian Grammer, Trevor Butcher, Don Cooley, Colin Cherri and Paul Rowe. Congratulations go to them.

The men’s triples final will be held on Saturday at 1pm.
Winners of the Christmas hams were: John Pene, Beryl England, Selwyn Healy 1st, Arnold Bloxham Lesley Findlay, Joan Lissington 2nd, Pat Cohr, Robert Thompson, Trevor Smith 3rd.

Chicken Hams 14th: Ted Hodgson, Jim Owen, Merv Ayres 1st, Wilf Moffat, Lesley Findlay, Ike Heaphy 2nd, Robyn McGregor, Mike Symons, Basil Parkinson 3rd.

Our first Twilight evening has been held and the winners were: Gerry Firth, Stan Wells, Anne Horne 1st; Ted Hodgson, Paul Joe, Faye Simons 2nd; Mike Symons, Joan Lissington, Craig Morgan 3rd.

Palmerston North Bowls Newsletter


IT DOESN’T take long does it. Christmas is almost upon us already
and our Christmas function is on Saturday December 8th. This starts at
6pm with an entry of $10 plus a plate. By the way it is not an empty one.
There will be some nice prizes to be won. It will be 6.30 for the meal and
a band is ready to roll at 7pm. Trevor Harrison and Ian Farmer will be
providing the music so roll along and have an entertaining evening.

RAFFLE donations are to be in by November 22nd, that’s next Thursday.

RESCUE HELICOPTER: Following the success of our tournament
to raise funds for this worthy cause, the rescue helicopter team have
presented us with a stylishly framed picture which will be hung in an
appropriate place.

OUR OPEN MEN’S fours is on Thursday December 13th, starting at
9.30am. Prizes will be mainly hams and so far the entries are good. But
there is still room for more.

INTER-CLUB: Our participants are all enjoying themselves but apart
from the senior men’s team the results haven’t been spectacular. The men
hold a slender lead over arch-rivals Northern so a lot will depend on their
final games beginning next week-end on November 24th.

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS: Senior men: Pat Horgan and Ross Ellery
victors over Chris Barrett and Steve Toms. Senior women: Joan Ware,
Phyl Davis and Robyn McGregor headed off Ngaire Cowen, Jewel
Griggs and Margaret Humphries.
The senior singles and pairs and the over 65 pairs and women’s 10 years
& under Triples have yet to be completed.

CHICKEN FRIDAY: results of recent games are: 26.10.12: Frank Berry
(visitor), Lesley Findlay, Lawrence Bell 1st; Brian Grammer, Bob Lee,
Judy Cooksley 2nd, Willie Young, Ian Darvill, Margaret Taylor 3rd.
2.11.12: Ian Crighton, Merv Ayres, Craig Morgan 1st, Margaret Aldrich,
Ross Gibson, Judy Cooksley 2nd, John O’Connor, Anne Ayres, Elma
Signal 3rd.
9.11.12: Ian Darvill, Bruce Heaphy, Edna Moffat 1st, John Pene, Craig
Morgan, Margaret Taylor 2nd, Robyn McGregor, Wilf Moffat, Elma
Signal 3rd.

High winds delay pairs final

Powerful winds made sure Manawatu bowlers would have to wait to decide the final of the 2x4x2 mixed pairs tournament.

The final between the pair of Sharon Sims and Mark Noble against top qualifiers Barry Wynks and Janine Noble was postponed because of strong northwesterly gales buffeting the Northern Bowling Club greens yesterday.

The final will be held at a date yet to be confirmed when it can be fitted into the Manawatu bowling calender.

Last year’s winners, Sims and Noble, beat Terry Puklowski and Christina Bryan 20-15 in the quarterfinal and the pair of Edgar Jones and Sharon Groves in the semifinal 25-5.

Wynks and Janine Noble beat Noleen and Lindsay Elston 19-13 in the quarterfinal and Shane Rogers and Georgie Kahui-Rogers 14-8 in the semifinal.

Puklowski, the tournament controller, arrived in the morning to find the greens underwater and while they managed to get the greens playable, the wind made it too hard.

“We got through the quarterfinal and played the semifinal and it was nigh on impossible to get a good result,” he said.

Puklowski said that in the interests of the game they would wait for a nicer day.

It is a Manawatu centre title which the winners go on to play in a zone tournament and then if they win that, they go on to a national tournament. Because of its importance they wanted to make sure it was played properly.

The strong winds were blowing bowls out of bounds during competition and Puklowski said after two ends, all hell broke loose.

“It becomes a lottery.”

In the other quarterfinals, Rogers and Kahui-Rogers beat Neil Gordon and Linley Rogers 22-16 and Jones and Groves beat Adam Johnston and Julianne Mills 18-17.

Bowling On

Some columns are easy to write and virtually write themselves but it is with a heavy heart I pen this report.

The reason for such angst is the sudden and untimely passing of a good friend and bowls stalwart Bob Williams. Bob loved his sport having been a better than average cricketer and took to the game of bowls like the proverbial duck to water when he took it up about 25 years ago. Bob achieved his fifth Manawatu Centre title to achieve the coveted gold star when he won the champion of champion pairs leading for Chris Barrett last season.

A regular rep player through the years Bob never gave an inch on the green and was never beaten till it was all over. He was a versatile player, one of the few who could comfortably fill any of the positions in a team game. It was not only as a player that Bob excelled, he was a most able administrator and served as president of his Palmerston North Club.

He had a vision for the future of the sport and we often discussed his frustration that the Club Palmerston amalgamation had not properly come to fruition as originally envisioned. Bob often forwarded me news snippets for this column and as a professional news hound was always on the lookout for a story. In recent years Bob had shared employment between the Rugby Museum and publicity responsibilities for the Manawatu District Council. On learning of his passing workmates at the Council decorated his workstation with a lawn bowl and the colours of his beloved Taranaki. Let us not forget that Bob was first and foremost a family man and it was while he was mowing lawns for daughter Megan that Bob suffered the turn that took him from us. Our thoughts are with wife Kay and children Megan and Matt. We will all miss him dearly.

• I played the inaugural Rescue Helicopter tournament at Palmerston North last Sunday and it was a top day of competitive bowls but the real joy was watching approximately $4000 being raised for such a worthy cause. For the record the winning team was Lindsay Toms, Paul Rowe, Alan Morley and Dean Gilshnan. It was very appropriate Paul was part of it as he was the architect of the tournament and worked tirelessly on sponsorship. Other four winners were Kevin Suisted’s teamof Mere Fryer, Julie-anne Mills and Derek McKee in second place followed by Terry Rossiter, Terry Curtis, John Osborne and Laurie Gordon.

• Labour Weekend sees the commencement of the Centre’s season with the Spec Savers 2-4-2 mixed pairs being contested at Northern. A very pleasing 42 teams have entered, up from 26 last season. Leading the field are two ex World champions in Peter Belliss from Aramaho and Sharon Sims. Sharon won the title last season and will again partner Mark Noble. Belliss plays with uncommonly promising junior Sophie Fisher and they don’t look to have a daunting draw. The same is true for Sims and Noble but the Rogers husband and wife combination of Shane and Georgie face top combinations right through. They will meet both Phil and Phillip Skoglund and Feona Sayles. Only eight teams will qualify for post section and in theory a team could win all six games and not qualify. I don’t expect that will happen but there could well be disappointed 5 winners. The advantage is it will be cut throat till the end.

• After Saturday’s qualifying Peter Belliss will give an address on life in bowls and all are welcome. Play is expected to finish about 4-45pm and a gold coin donation bar-b-que will precede Peter’s address which should commence by 5-30pm. I will be sorry to miss his address, he remains a great sportsman.

• I ask clubs to email me their Division One Interclub teams during this week so I can preview the event. Email news to

Tony Jensen

Rescue Helicopter Tournament Raises $4000

PNBC’s inaugural fund-raising tournament for the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter service on Sunday (October 7) was deemed a success by all those involved – the organisers, helpers, supporters, sponsors and players.

Twenty-four  teams, including one from Wanganui, gathered in perfect conditions (a miracle in itself considering the gale-force winds, cold and squalls that had swept Manawatu the day before) for the event, which comprised four games of 1hr 20 duration.

PNBC president Steve Toms welcomed the players, as did the tournament instigator, long-time club member Paul Rowe, who has had first-hand experience of the helicopter’s valuable presence.

All proceeds from the day went to the cause, including money raised from raffles and three auctioned items – a magnum of champagne from The Mill Liquorsave, an eye test and frames voucher from Specsavers and a gift basket from Tower Insurance. Significant sponsorship support was also received from the Masonic Trust’s bowls adjutant and LJ Hooker Palmerston North.

Although it was a mufti day, it didn’t lessen the competitiveness on the greens (the standard of which drew much praise), with the three placegetters having to win all four games.

Northern, whose Palmerston North Hospice tournament has set the benchmark for such fund-raising bowling tournaments, provided the winning combination – Kevin Suisted, Julianne Mills, Mere Fryer and Derek McKee.

The runners-up were Palmerston North’s Lindsay Toms, Paul Rowe, Dean Gilshnan and Alan Morley, while Terry Rossiter, Lawrie Gordon, Terry Curtis and John Osborne, of Takaro, claimed third prize.

Steve Toms was delighted with the day and expected about $4000 to be raised for the Rescue Helicopter. PNBC is planning to make the fund-raiser an annual event.

Marilyn Waller was the successful bidder for two auctioned items.

Marilyn Waller was the successful bidder for two auctioned items.

Winners (from left) Kevin Suisted, Mere Fryer, Julianne Mills and Derek McKee.

Winners (from left) Kevin Suisted, Mere Fryer, Julianne Mills and Derek McKee.

Paul Rowe thanks all those who supported the cause

Paul Rowe thanks those who supported the cause

Bowling On

No figure in sport is maligned more than a Bowls greenkeeper so it was great to see the doyen of Manawatu greenkeepers Ray Hazelwood receive National recognition by being runner-up at the recent Bowls New Zealand awards.

Ray has been looking after the Bulls greens since forever and long time member Bruce Robertson tells me Ray calls the shots and his word is gospel. If Ray says “no play today” only the brave and the foolish argue.

A greenkeepers day might go something like this:
– First there and a quiet walk over the entire surface to see what gremlin may have presented overnight.
– A decision follows “shall I mow, roll or perhaps tend those ditches they were all growling about”
-And the club cat needs feeding!

A handy bowler in his own right Ray is now over 80 but not ready for retirement yet. When it’s all over of course the “leaner mob” will help Ray out by telling him what he’s done wrong. Greenkeepers can never win but in this case runner-up is a top result for one of the gentlemen of the game.

While on the awards I noted there were four finalists for Player of the Year and remarkably all were women. Seems extraordinary that with two men to one woman playing the game they can’t get one in the first four. That is not to take anything away from Jo Edwards (ultimate winner), Mandy Boyd, Sandra Keith and Val Smith all topliners and deserved nominees. In every decade we have had a male bowler who strode the greens like a colossus but that character seems lacking at present. Names like our own Phil Skoglund, Peter Belliss, Rowan Brassey and Gary Lawson have filled the role over the last 40 years but there seems to be a void currently.

• Next Sunday Palmerston North Bowling Club will hold the first of what they hope will be annual fundraising tournament in support of the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter. Paul Rowe is the instigator of the tournament and he has his own life thanks to the very service. When he had a heart attack in 2008 it was the Helicopter that got him to Wellington Hospital. The tournament is Any Gender fours (mufti) so make sure you get a team togerher and enter.

With this fundraiser in the early season and Northern’s Hospice tournament in March they bookend the season well and should both be occasions where club allegiances are discarded.

Speaking of the Hospice tournament, long time organiser Barry Gush is to be recognised by the City with a Civic Award on 11 November at the Convention Centre. In his time he has raised (with a lot of help) $100000 for the Hospice. A most deserved honour.

• Don’t forget entries close for the Centre 2-4-2 Mixed Pairs on 8 October 2012 so get your entry away. I’ll see you all at Palmerston North on Sunday.

Tony Jensen

Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter Fundraising Tournament

Come and support the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter. We are holding a fundraising Tournament at Palmerston North Bowling Club on Sunday, 7th October, 2012. All entries welcome.

Any Gender Open Fours, 9.30am Start, Mufti Dress, $60 per team

Afternoon tea provided at end of play

Entries close Friday 5th October, 2012
Enter at the Palmerston North Bowling Club – 06 3576022, or phone Paul Rowe – 0274775906

Craig Morgan selected for National Team

Enthusiastic PNBC member Craig Morgan will be switching his attentions from the greens to tenpin bowling for a short while early next month. Craig has been selected in the Special Olympics Manawatu team for the Trans-Tasman Tournament in Cairns from October 8 to 12. He will be a key player in the five-member Manawatu tenpin bowling side that will front up to Australian state teams and other New Zealand combinations. Everyone wishes Craig well as he seeks those elusive spares, strikes, hambones and turkeys!

Hope Springs at Palmerston North Bowling Club

Come and join the fun on Friday nights! Last Friday we gave away two double passes to Hope Springs, the new comedy movie from the director of “The Devil Wears Prada” feat. Steve Carrell, Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. It is released in cinemas on August 23rd.

Congrats to Michelle Dunn, who was fastest with the lipstick! and also to Margaret Aldrich who both won Double passes to Hope Springs. Anyone is welcome to come down on a Friday. Great Bar prices, and a new big screen TV! See you there!

Entry forms for the NZ Open

Entry forms are available for the NZ Open and Disabled NZ Open, to be held in Auckland.

The Trusts New Zealand Open 2012, with a total prize pool of $32,000, will be played at bowling clubs across Auckland.

Qualify for The Trusts New Zealand Open and take on the best of the best. The qualifying event will be played from 8th-10th November and is open to all affiliated bowlers.

Bowlers successful in qualifying will win through to the main draw of the event, to be held 11th–16th November.



Christmas Bowls

We all know the great fun, relaxing and enjoyable game bowls is, so why not share the joy? Christmas Bowls involves renting your club out for Christmas Events where those who come along can also enjoy a game of bowls.

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New President for Bowls Manawatu

Phil Skoglund was elected today as the new president of Bowls Manawatu. In the annual general meeting held at the Palmerston North Bowling Clubrooms, Phil took over the reigns from Tony Jensen, the departing president. Anthony Woodley from Ashurst and Lyn Elphick from Takaro were elected vice-presidents. Also elected on the board were Norah Bacon, Noeleen Elston, Sharon Sims, Terry Puklowski, Vern Sixtus and Stewart McGrail. A special presentation was made to the former secretary, Irene Reilly for her contribution to Bowls Manawatu.

Palmerston North Bowling Club wishes the new Executive and President the best of the luck for the new season.

Secondary Schools Results

Resullts of Secondary School Competitions 2012 held at Bowls Heretaunga Complex on Sat and Sun 7 & 8th July.

Girls Pairs. 1st Caitlin Thomson & Sophie Fisher Palmerston North High – Manawatu.
2nd. Anastasia Smith & Nicole Holdem – Gisborne Girls High. Poverty Bay
Reserve, Lisa Simmonsen & S.Lange Hastings Girls High – Hawkes Bay.

Boys Pairs. 1st Ryan Douglas & Cameron Hudson Gisborne Boys High – Poverty Bay. 2nd Damien Holder & Jake Woolford – Wairarapa College – Wairarapa.

Reserve – Nil.

Girls Singles 1st Tianna White – Hukarere College – Hawkes Bay. 2nd Adele Critchlow – St. Matthews School – Wairarapa. Reserve – Heidi McLaughlan. Palmerston Nth Girls High – Manawatu.

Boys Singles 1st Richard Hocking. – Taradale Hight School – Hawkes Bay. 2nd Dean Drummond – Hastings Boys High – Hawkes Bay. Reserve – Patrick Sims – Palmerston Nth Boys High – Manawatu.

BowlsNZ National Awards

This is just a reminder that the National Bowls Awards are fast approaching.

Nominations will close on 16 July 2012 for the categories of: Centre of the Year
Club of the Year
Player of the Year
Coach of the Year
Administrator of the Year
Official of the Year
Young Player of the Year
Green Keeper of the Year
Media Award
Volunteer of the Year

Send your submissions to:
POST: PO Box 62502, Greenlane, Auckland 1546,

New Zealanders have triple the bowling fun on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Bowling Club and The Travel Centre invite lawn bowlers to participate in the popular TAB Triples tournament 20-24 August. Of all lawn bowls events this tournament showcases the Norfolk Island advantage and what makes Norfolk so special.

There very good reason why lawn bowlers have triple the fun
participating in the Norfolk Island TAB Triples Bowling tournament this August. Unlike other clubs in Australia and New Zealand the Norfolk Island club stays open all year round for bowling action. And yes it’s also true that the Norfolk Island lawn bowling greens are remarkably, green.

Travel as a team or come to join a triples team on the island. A minimum of 5 qualifying games over 15 ends will be played between Monday 20 August and Thursday 23 August. Semi-finals and finals will be played later in the week followed by the presentation dinner Norfolk Island style.

The Norfolk Island Travel Centre has recently released a special deal package for travel with prices starting from NZ$1118 per person twin share ex Auckland for a seven night stay. The prices includes return economy class airfare to Norfolk Island, airline taxes, meet & greet at the airport, 7 night’s twin share accommodation, 7 days car hire (car insurance and petrol extra), discount shopping card,
complimentary mini- golf and complimentary ‘A Walk in the Wild’. Prices are current today and subject to change without notice. Conditions apply.

For more information contact The Travel Centre, Norfolk Island on toll free phone 0800 008810 email visit us at

Delegates’ apathy a let-down

“Three bowling clubs have called a special general meeting to try to avoid a leadership crisis in the sport in Manawatu.

The prime movers have been Johnston Park (Feilding), Takaro and Palmerston North. They have compelled Bowls Manawatu, under its constitution, to stage the meeting at the Palmerston North Bowling Club on Sunday with the same agenda as the failed special meeting on May 27.

That fell over because there were insufficient club delegates to even muster a quorum. Only 14 of the potential 38 club delegates attended, six short of a quorum.

After most clubs ignored that meeting, called to change the structure of the ruling body and to get away from the antiquated delegate system, president Tony Jensen announced he had had enough of the apathy in bowls and would be resigning.

Despite numerous pleas from bowlers for him to stay, even from Bowls New Zealand, Jensen was adamant yesterday that he would still be quitting after the annual meeting next month.

“My position is unchanged, and will remain unchanged,” he said.

“I have had a lot of comment from Joe Soap bowler.”

Jensen is now looking forward to playing bowls instead of taking care of everyone else. His departure is likely to snowball with many other executive members vowing to follow him.

The three clubs behind Sunday’s meeting are concerned that the centre could be left leaderless and decided to call the meeting because a club tournament programme meeting was being held a half hour later. Surely club delegates will front up for that.

As one bowler said, under the current constitution, “a dipstick” could be nominated and elected.

Jensen said the…”

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Could a little gin and tonic save lawn bowling? An article from Toronto, Canada

It’s one of the few sports you can play after your knees have gone wonky, says 78-year-old Bill Davis.

And yet the beauty of lawn bowling is part of the reason Toronto bowlers say it has an image problem: the game just isn’t popular with the young folks.

“When they go by a lawn bowling club they see a geriatric crowd out there,” said Davis, a retired financial officer. “People say, ‘I’ll do that when I can’t do anything else.’ It’s a depressing response.”

A proposed solution to bowler woes? Booze. Not for drowning sorrows, but as a way to bring in a younger crowd.

A motion to consider allowing city-run lawn bowling clubs to sell alcohol and stay open later is set to go to committee next week and to city council in July.

“The idea of somebody on a hot summer’s evening tossing a few bowls and sipping a gin and tonic is not a bad one, to me,” said Councillor Gord Perks, who seconded the motion, brought forward in May by Councillor Adam Vaughan.

The potential fix comes during a particularlytough year for Toronto clubs. A decline in membership coupled with new annual fees imposed by the city this year has left some clubs struggling to stay afloat.

Davis’s 30-member Moore Park Lawn Bowling Club, near St. Clair Ave. E. and Mount Pleasant Rd., is in danger of closing. Members say the club won’t be able to cover the new $3,000 permit fee.

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam has put forward a motion to scrap the fee for lawn bowlers. The Moore Park crew is hopeful it will be
reversed.In the meantime, they continue to play.

Sporting a Tilley hat, dark shades and socks pulled halfway up his calves, Davis welcomed surprise guests to the club Wednesday — a pair of under-30s.

Sam Polley, 20, and Miles Vitko, 19, stumbled upon the club as they searched for heat-beating lemonade. After a quick lesson from Davis, they stayed for a game.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Vitko. “I don’t know anyone who plays this.”

The beginners say they could see their friends getting together for a bowl.

“I think it just takes a few people to get something like this going,” said Polley.

They agree that beer might help get a good crowd out, but Vitko and Polley say they’ll be back on their own for a game with the regulars, with or without alcohol.

Longtime members chuckled at the idea of a booze-soaked bowl. For them, the club is just a place to play the game.

“I think beer or liquor will be of more help to the clubs with a big facility,” Davis says. He isn’t sure his own club’s rustic quarters would get a lot of interest from young crowds looking for a fun weekend hangout — even if they were serving beer.

With 35 members, the West Toronto Lawn Bowling Club in Baird Park isn’t much bigger than its Moore Park counterpart. But Steve Shallhorn, West Toronto’s vice-president, is more hopeful about the liquor licensing idea.

“I think that it would help attract new members..”

View full article at:–could-a-little-gin-and-tonic-save-lawn-bowling

Lawson quits after missing NZ selection

Gary Lawson has quit bowls and says he will not be seen again on New Zealand greens until there is a change of direction at Bowls New Zealand.

In an interview published in the latest edition of NZ Lawn Bowls Magazine, Lawson tells of his frustration with the sport’s hierarchy and his decision to leave his bowls in his bag.

New Zealand’s most successful lawn bowler – his record of 10 national titles, three world titles and numerous centre and club titles attest to that – has long been at loggerheads with the national body and in particular chief executive Kerry Clark.

In his magazine interview, Lawson said: “I will not play in New Zealand again until Kerry Clark retires or resigns.”

Often seen as the “bad boy” of the sport he has dominated for so long, Lawson said he was upset that he had been overlooked in the naming of the national squad, from which the New Zealand team to play World Bowls in Adelaide later this year would be named.

Lawson said he has resigned from his club in Christchurch and would not be playing at the national championships in Taranaki next summer, preferring to spend time with his daughter.

His stand-offs with the national body, Clark and the selectors have been well-documented but Lawson said he was given an indication he would be considered for selection and with it the chance to defend the titles he won at …”

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The Perils of Manning the Bar

The bias is all wrong in Manawatu bowls just now.

For yonks, an informant has warned me that bowlers are a breed of their own.

And after the apathetic snub of a special meeting called by Bowls Manawatu last Sunday, who can argue?

It seems the ever-ageing bowlers go into winter hibernation.

In the past year or so, a fairly progressive regime under president Tony Jensen has been in power.

The future in almost every sport is to install independent executive members who are not there solely in their clubs’ interests. For instance, should Northern have the five best people, or others have specialist qualities, then bring them on.

But when half the Manawatu clubs didn’t bother to send a soul to the Sunday meeting, then we don’t even know if they care, or if their secretaries are asleep. What else do bowlers do on off-season Sundays?

By my count, of the 14 delegates who did front, eight were already members of the executive.

The executive had drafted the remit to restructure themselves, so should they have been voting on it?

Anyway, the meeting was aborted and bowls will be stuck with its antiquated system of electing its executive. With the liberals marching out the door, get set for another enlightened gerontocracy.

At an annual meeting a few years ago, two codgers arrived to man the bar, only to find themselves press-ganged on to the executive.

In the cool light of the next day, they resigned when they realised what they’d done.

Anyway, an independent executive could have done…”

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‘Apathy’ prompts Jensen to quit

Bowls Manawatu’s executive is on the verge of disintegration with president Tony Jensen signalling he has had enough.

Jensen said he will be pulling the plug come the annual meeting in July and at least three others are expected to follow him.

Everything boiled over at the Palmerston North Bowling Club on Sunday when eight of the centre’s 16 clubs failed to turn up to a Bowls Manawatu special general meeting.

Jensen said he felt “personally insulted” because the clubs had had plenty of notice about the meeting and had been emailed reminders on Friday. He interpreted it as a vote of no-confidence from the clubs.

“They can do it without me,” Jensen said. “Apathy is the only word to describe it.”

He had taken over as president in November after the death of Maggie May and by the annual meeting will have served two years on the executive.

The special meeting was convened to make a change so members of the executive could be appointed or elected on merit rather than having to be club delegates, effectively to remove roadblocks.

“This was the first of the changes we needed to take the game forward, and it drew a blank,” Jensen said.

“It all revolved around one thing. It was precluding us from getting the best people involved.

“You try to do good for the game but if the game doesn’t want to go with you, you can’t do anything.”

Vice-president Brian Looker..”

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Roadshow looks at decline

“It is not an easy job being Bowls New Zealand chief executive Kerry Clarke, a man who is trying to protect the future of the game.

Clark is leading a partnership and participation roadshow around the country to try to address some of the sport’s problems with declining numbers in player memberships, volunteers and revenues, a trend in most areas.

Clark was in Palmerston North for the Manawatu leg of the tour yesterday, and said there were a number of people in the bowls community “hoping like hell” for a return to the good old days, but it was not going to happen.

He wanted to arrest the decline in the number of traditional bowlers bowling, which had been going on for a while now.

“This is not a process that’s going…”

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Warring clubs head for court

The chances of a happy ending in the long-running Club Palmerston saga have been dealt a blow as the increasingly messy dispute heads toward court.

The Palmerston North Cosmopolitan, Squash and Bowls clubs were supposed to merge as far back as 2006 and operate from the same Linton St complex. However, the merger didn’t happen and a deep rift has developed between the Cosmopolitan Club and the sports clubs, which now say the chances of a happy union are slim.

“The [sports] clubs have, in a joint committee meeting, accepted the position that there is little likelihood of a merger going ahead,” said David Petterson, who acts as spokesman for the sports clubs.

A Cosmopolitan Club spokesman declined to comment because of uncertainty surrounding the situation.

The Linton St land is owned by the sports clubs, but the Cosmopolitan Club owns its building. The three organisations have a combined membership of more than 2000 people.

Last year, the Cosmopolitan Club lodged a civil suit against the sports clubs, while the sports clubs lodged a counter claim.

The numbers are difficult to quantify, but both sides have indicated their claims could exceed $1 million.

On June 15, a hearing to debate security of costs will be heard at the High Court in Palmerston North.

The sports clubs were working on inviting other organisations to join Club Palmerston, an idea the sports clubs were still committed to, Mr Petterson said. “The reality is for the last two years squash and bowls have been trying to get this merger through for the benefit of the three lots of club members.”

Mr Petterson said the Cosmopolitan Club management committee had put a brake on merger plans, and the sports clubs would not merge while that committee remained in place.

Tensions blew up in late 2010, when the bowls club issued a demand to the Cosmopolitan Club for a $260,000 loan.

The Cosmopolitan Club repaid it, but was later locked out of its clubrooms in an effort by the sports clubs to get the parties to mediation.

Talks broke down and correspondence obtained by the Manawatu Standard indicates deep divisions between the two sides.

One issue causing problems is the status of a Bank of New Zealand loan to the Cosmopolitan Club and guaranteed by the sports clubs.

In a report to Cosmopolitan Club members, manager Desiree Garrigan said the BNZ this year called in $140,000. However, it had not been paid as the club was disputing whether the loan was legally allowed to be made to a friendly society such as itself.

An affidavit lodged with the court from Mr Petterson said the sports clubs would repay the money if required, but would then seek to cancel the Cosmopolitan Club’s lease at Linton St on the basis it was insolvent if it couldn’t pay the bank.

Ms Garrigan said this would be “essentially kicking the Cosmopolitan Club out of its premises” and had forced the club to ask the courts to stop this.

That issue would also be debated on June 15, her report said. “[The sports clubs] have thrown an awful lot at us this past year but we are still here and we are not insolvent.”

Article sourced from:

5yr under Manawatu Team Announced

Five year and under Men’s Academy team to play at Wanganui
Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May

Michael Bowey
Colin Cherri
Dean Gilshnan
Ted Hodgson
Ian Lewis
Keith Hughes
Glen Curtis
John Osborne
Chance Hausman
Mike Hodge



Represent Palmerston North Bowling Club at Centre and Open Tournaments around Manawatu, or play for Palmerston North in Interclub or challenges against other clubs. Wear your club shirt, follow our players at centre or national events, and have a drink at the club. Travel and enjoy the hospitality of other bowling clubs or take on the best players from Taranaki to Wellington in National Tournaments. Bowlers from our club can be selected in Manawatu Representative teams.



Lawn Bowls is a friendly sport, where you can play alongside your teammates, get to know your opponent and share a drink after the game. Playing Lawn Bowls is a good way of meeting new people. We organise regular social events for our members, and open our bar to club members every friday night. We also organise events during the week, weekend and in the evening. If you want to try the game, Mates in Bowls is run over summer, and is a good introduction to the sport. Our bowling club is located in the centre of Palmerston North, with a car park and is a short walk from the CBD, motels, restaurants and bars.



We provide an opportunity for young bowlers to play bowls in a friendly and competitive environment at Palmerston North Bowling Club. A ‘colt’ (a first or second year bowler) can compete for their own club championship, while also competing against experienced bowlers in our 10 years (bowler) and under, and Senior Men’s/Women’s Championships. If you want to just have a go, come down and play Mates in Bowls. If you want to learn more we have a number of coaches who can give a helping hand. Young players are picked to play in club challenges against other clubs, and Palmerston North Bowling Club is well represented in Manawatu Youth Teams.

New Zealand Schools Champs

Play Mates in Bowls


Mates in Bowls is a popular competition run over Summer for casual bowlers and people new to the sport. All you need to join us in having a good time is a sense of fun, some flat soled shoes or jandals, and we will provide the rest for you! We offer you the bowls, a bit of help, a licensed bar, and barbeque. We organise the 6 week long tournament for you. It’s very popular and we often have our competition full! If your after a fun filled evening playing lawn bowls, get in touch with Palmerston North Bowling Club, and play Mates in Bowls

Read what the standard thinks about Mates in Bowls. 

Palmerston North Bowling Club Green 2

BBQ at Palmerston North Bowling Club

Golden Oldies


The Golden Oldies is a tournament held here at Palmerston North Bowling Club. Restricted to players aged 60 and above, it has  featured many of the top names in New Zealand bowls, ever since Taranaki’s Dave Baldwin (Paritutu) won the inaugural event in 1985. The popular four-day event draws club and composite sides from many parts of the North Island with many players regarding it as their highlight of the season. Contact the club for information about this years event.

Read our preview of the 2011 Golden Oldies at Palmerston North Bowling Club
A full field of 80 has entered the 28th annual Palmerston North Bowling Club’s “Golden Oldies” tournament early next month.

Restricted to players aged 60 and above, it has  featured many of the top names in New Zealand bowls, ever since Taranaki’s Dave Baldwin (Paritutu) won the inaugural event in 1985.

Baldwin, a Commonwealth Games gold and silver medallist and three-time Dominion champion, has just turned 90 and still plays the occasional game. He won the “Golden Oldies” title on four occasions, as did another former New Zealand rep, Vic Sellars (Northern).

Last year’s champion team, skipped by Ian Mahoney (Central Levin), is returning, as is the 2010 winner, Phil Harris, who also plays out of the same club. Regular attendee, Peter Clark (Tauranga South), who made the last 16 at the recent Taranaki open men’s fours, is also in the field.

Members of the host club have also enjoyed success over the years, with Ray Dunn having won it on three occasions in the early 1990s, along with Brian Grammer (2003), Rex Easton (2004), Lindsay Toms (2007 and 2009) and Eric Watson (2008).

The “Golden Oldies” starts on Tuesday, March 6, and is played on the three greens at PNBC and two greens at Terrace End.



Contact UsFacilities – History – Honours

Palmerston North Bowling Club has 3 excellent grass greens, surrounded by our Mens and Womens Clubrooms, the Squash/Gym and PN Cossie Club. We have a variety of facilities on offer, they include a Bar, Kitchen, Clubroom and Dancefloor. Our Main Bar is in the Mens Clubroom and has a full selection of beer, wine and spirits at good prices. We also offer EFTPOS at the bar. Our club members help to make our greens, bar, kitchen and clubroom the best in Palmerston North. We have a good club spirit and new members would be welcome to help out. Our facilities can be used for functions, events and meetings. If you would like to ask about the use of our clubrooms please contact the club.

Main Clubroom



Women’s Clubroom


Green 1
Green 1

Green 2

Green 3
Play Lawn Bowls in Palmerston North



Contact UsFacilities – History – Honours

Palmerston North Bowling Club has a long and rich history. Recently we have had a few people add to the history of the club. Joan Ware won the silver medal at the IIBD World Championships. Coral Wing was President of Bowls New Zealand, and members of our club won a National Title with our Interclub Team. Our history includes people who have contributed a great deal to the sport. Every year we recognise our bowlers who have represented the club for 30 years with Life Membership. We continue to add to our history, come and help us celebrate our 125 years in 2013-2014.

Club History
Our club is not only the oldest in the Manawatu, but also has the
distinction of being the only freehold club in Palmerston North and in fact
one of a few in New Zealand. The position it is in today, financially,
facilities and amenities, bears testimony to the astute management and
control of executive and committee over the past 100 years.
It is a club where the pride of members in belonging is readily evident
and one which visitors say has a warmth of feeling and hospitality. This
fellowship is something that all members must do their utmost to foster
and preserve.

Mr. Walkley, publican of the Commercial Hotel, owned a private
bowling  green in Lombard St laid in 1888 and undoubtedly he has the
honour of being the founder of bowls in the Manawatu. His efforts,
however, were not to be rewarded for long as he died about October 1892.
The Palmerston North Bowling Club was formed at a meeting held in
the Commercial Hotel on 23 December 1889 with nine persons in
attendance.  Mr J. H. Hankins was elected president and held that office for
one year. The Vice Presidents elected were Messrs Cohen and Snelson
although neither of these gentlemen were in attendance at the meeting. Mr
Young was elected Secretary-Treasurer and the remaining seven members
present were elected to the working committee.  These were Messrs
Clapperton, Drew, Hanna, Mowlem, Rutherford, W.L. Scott and Walkley.

In 1892 a number of members became guarantors to the Colonial Bank
for a sufficient sum to repay Mr Walkley for the green.
Then in 1894 a company known as the Palmerston North Bowling
Green Co. Ltd was formed and the first Chairman of Directors was Mr G. J.
Scott. This company took over the assets and liabilities of the club and
rented  the  green to the Bowling Club.
A special committee of the Bowling Green Co. Ltd was set up in
November 1899 to investigate the purchase of a property in Taonui Street
and  to rent a strip of land on the North Side of the club in Lombard Street in order to allow for more playing area.

This was to be considered at a special general meeting on 21 December
1899 but lapsed for want of a quorum, as did one on 28 December 1899.
The rental offered for the strip of land was not accepted by the owners
and they in turn placed a price of 50 pounds (100 dollars) on the property.
The company counter-offered with 40 pounds (80 dollars). However, time
passed by and it was to be February 1901 before both parcels of land were
purchased.  Work on the Taonui Street site started in April resulting in the
club having two greens.

At a company meeting on December 1 1899 it was proposed to merge
the Bowling Green Company Ltd with the club, but nothing transpired. It
was raised again on April 29 19O7 and was followed by the Bowling Club
passing a resolution at their 1907 Annual General Meeting to merge with
the company.
However, action from the company was slow as meetings called for 5
December 1907, 12 December 1907 and 20 September 1908 lapsed for
want of a quorum. Minutes of the club for the period of 1907-1908 are
missing so further club detail on this is not available.

The Bowling Club at their Annual General Meeting on 27 September
1909 again resolved that the Palmerston North Bowling Club as a separate
entity be abolished and merged into the Palmerston North Bowling Green
Co. Ltd. This merger was confirmed by the company at their meeting on
17 November 1909 and they subsequently adopted the Club rules.
The position remained as such until 24Ih June 1924 when at an Extra
Ordinary General Meeting the Palmerston North Bowling Green Co. Ltd
passed a motion that they

“transfer to the Palmerston North Bowling Club or to the trustees for
the said club, its freehold lands with frontage to Lombard and Taonui
Streets, Palmerston North upon which are situated the company’s
bowling greens in consideration to the said club assuming all liability
of the company under the mortgage to Mrs Beck or that alternatively
Mrs Beck be authorised to transfer or sell the said club the lands
comprised in the mortgage given to her by the company for the amount
due under the mortgage”.

The transaction was completed in August 1924.
The Lombard Street property was approved for sale at a special general
meeting on 24 October 1924 for the sum of $1800 and in the
following year a new pavilion was erected on the Taonui Street site for
$780 with further extensions being approved in July 1928.

1950s -1989
In 1954 the City council advised the club of its intention to widen
Taonui Street and enquiries were made to find another property. A
special general meeting held on the 26 October 1954 passed the purchase
of part of the Palmerston North Tennis Club property in Linton Street for
$2550 pending the need to relocate from Taonui Street.

In 1957 a tender for the erection of a pavilion at Linton Street was
accepted at a price of $13084, the finance for this being arranged
by bank mortgage and free of interest debentures from club members.
However, the land purchased was insufficient to accommodate two full
size greens plus the desired pavilion so a rear portion of the Newbold
Estate property which fronted Ferguson Street was bought, thus enabling
the pavilion to be set back from the original boundary line.

On 18 October 1958 the Linton Street complex comprising the new club
rooms and two greens was opened by His Worship the Mayor Blair
Tennant. The club had at this time a playing membership of 208.
The Taonui Street property was turned into a car park and used as such
until a decision to sell ala price of $20,000 to K. H. Symes & Co.
Ltd was made at a meeting on 15 May 1960. Following this the bank
mortgage and debenture holders were repaid.

Extensions and alterations to the pavilion were approved at meetings
held on 11 March 1964 and 26 August 1968, with further alterations to
extend the front wall over the porch being approved on 6 August 1972.
Additions were made in 1976 at a cost of $20,213.00 to accommodate the
newly approved women’s section and the club remained as such until the
relocation of the bar and secretary’s office was made this past winter.
Land was leased from the Y.W.C.A. in 1970 and a third green laid.
Approval for the purchase of this land was passed at a special general
meeting on 6 December 1975, resulting in our total facility being freehold.
The price paid for the land was $8,000.00.

Approval was given at a meeting dated 27 October 1974 to purchase at
the negotiated price of $24,298.00 the property 23 Pitt Street, for the
purpose of providing possible future access to the club. The house was
rented until a decision to sell was made in September 1983 in order to
provide finance for the purchase of part of the Labour Party property_ in
Ferguson  Street which was then converted into car parks. This also
provided us with a back entrance to the club pavilion. The sale of the
house realised $44,275.00 whilst the purchase price of the land was
$15,000.00. Ground preparation and the sealing cost $10,950.00.
It is interesting to note that the following present day members came
from Taonui Street or joined the year Linton Street opened:

C. R. Anderson
F. B. Hopwood
D. Leng-Ward
F. Jones
L. Mullins
W. J. Broughton
J. P. Trainor

It would appear that the Club had its first major success on the greens in
1893 when it won the Champion Fours playing in the Northern Bowling
Association tournament at Wellington.
This was followed in 1898 when the Club won the Association
Champion Banner and Shield at Napier, this being only the second year
for which they had been played. In the 1902 tournament a team
compromising messers  Buick, McPhee, Nash and Mowlem (Skip) won the
trophy presented by the Wellington Commercial Travellers’ Club whilst
the Club tied for the Champion Banner and Shield with Victoria of
Wellington, but lost on a play off.

The Northern Bowling Association at that time consisted of 31 affiliated
clubs from Auckland, Gisborne, Napier, Hastings, Dannevirke, Pahiatua,
Masterton, Carterton, Petone, New Plymouth, Stratford, Hawera, Patea,
Waverley, Wanganui, Feilding, Palmerston North, Wellington, Blenheim,
and Nelson comprising in excess of 2000 players.

Kevin Wing
In addition to the honours listed above he has won 32 club titles, been runner up twice in the National Singles and once in the National Fours. it will be a long time before such a record is

A special general meeting of the Club held on 13 February 1924
those ladies wishing to play be allowed use of one rink on
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday,  Fridays free gratis for balance of
season and that the subscription for lady members next year be fixed at
the Annual General Meeting”.

No mention was made of this subject at the 1924 Annual General
Meeting and it would appear to have just lapsed. This, however, was not the first time the question of women members was raised. It was as far back as the Annual General meeting on 27
September 1900 that a vote was taken “on the feeling of the meeting-in
regard to ladies playing on the greens”. On a show of hands it was lost by
one vote. The club continued as “men only” until 1975 when at a special general
meeting on 21, September the admittance of a women’s section was
approved – ‘the wheels of change turn slowly’.
the inaugural meeting chaired by Mr Keith Garner was held on 9 May
1976when officers and committee women were elected and play started
in the 1976/1977 season. Further detail on the women’s section appears at
the end of the men’s history.

G. T. Griggs, who had the longest club membership, was admitted on
the 2G October 1940 and until his recent death was considered the father
of the present day club. He was elected to the committee in 1944 and
became Secretary in 1945. This was followed by Vice President in 1951,
President in 1953, first term as Club Captain in 1963, Patron in 1982, Life
Member in 1984 as well as serving on the committee in intervening
periods. The only office he did not occupy was Treasurer. In recognition
but his contribution Geoff was elected President of the Centennial
celebrations, but regrettably he was to be denied the honour he so richly
deserved. Just on 48 years of continuous full membership must surely be
close to a record. The position of Centennial Celebrations President was
then entrusted to Mr F. B. Hopwood, a Life Member, Past President,
Secretary, Treasurer and Green Superintendent, a most worthy successor.

Club Captain
The Club Captain was originally elected by the committee from within
their own ranks and the first so appointed was T. L. Seator on 27th June
1939, he being the father and grandfather of the present members Jim and

Indoor Bowls
A separate indoor bowling club was formed in 1959 and this flourished
until the carpeting of the lounge in 1976/77 season caused-the club to go
into recess. Their contribution to the club during this period is most
worthy of mention.

The original club colours, decided upon at a meeting held 29 February
1892, were Grey and White striped coat and White hat with Grey band.
These colours were re-affirmed at the Annual General Meeting 1900.
The colours were changed by the General Committee in 1911, but there
is no reference to the alteration. At a special meeting on 30 September
1914 the colours became Navy Blue with Gold facings. Any other changes
are not recorded until mention of the present colours of Dark Blue and
Gold coming into effect on 12 October 1946.

Even with the advantage of daylight saving and cotula  greens we see little
interest in twilight bowls, but in 1900 with longer working hours bowling
time was precious so that the club saw fit to install “incandescent”
lighting at the green and one can only assume full use was made of this

At the AGM of 1901 it was resolved to install a telephone at the club
and whether this was for the wives to check up or to check up on the
wives is not known. However, it is further evidence of the progressive
thinking that has been part of the club since its inception. Bear in mind
too that this was only 25 years after Alexander Graham Bell first made his

One was attached a “library” and for the repeated reference in the early minutes the need to ensure its sound operation. It turned out the members were not a lot of book-worms as further reading brought to light this was the minute reference to the bar cupboard. So much for noble thoughts.

Easter Tournament
The club ran the Easter Tournament up to 1917 at which time they
handed it over to the centre.

Henselite Bowls
In 1934 players requested the banning of Henselite Bowls as they
claimed their woods were being damaged.

Life Member
The club’s first life member Mr K. Wilson was elected at the meeting
held 10 November 1898 in recognition “of the many valuable services
rendered”. The next was not until 1913 and in 100 years there has been a
total of 23, of which only 10 have been honoured in the last 30 years. This
shows how highly the office is held.

The subscription in 1895 was 2 pounds.

Incorporated Societies
We became a member as far back as 1925.
Today members are justifiably proud of their club, its fellowship,
amenities, greens and grounds. It is recognised as being among the top
strata of Clubs in New Zealand with an overall playing strength equal to
most and for quite a number of years has consistently produced up to one
third of the entries for Manawatu Centre events. In addition, up until this
past season we had for many years the longest single club entry outside
Taranaki for their open fours. Being part of our club is being part of the
history of Palmerston North, but let us not lose sight of the fact that all this
is the culmination of 100 years of time and effort willingly given by many
workers over this period.

View of the club, 1989

P.N. Bowling Club Women’s Section
The formation of our Club followed the holding of a Special General
Meeting in September, 1975 by the Palmerston North Bowling Club when
the admittance of a Women’s Section was approved. This was followed by
the calling of a meeting, the notice for which read:
Palmerston North Bowling club (Inc.) women’s Bowling section
A meeting of the Wives of the members will be held in the Club Pavilion
on Sunday, 2nd November, 1975 at 1 p.m.
The Principles of the proposed Women’s Section will be outlined and
any questions answered.

J. D. Welsh
Hon. Secretary

This meeting was chaired by Keith Garner who said that for 86 years,
membership of the Palmerston North Bowling Club had been restricted to
men only. However, 1976 being International Women’s Year and because
so many women had taken up the game of Bowls, it was decided by the
Committee to open the doors to women members. This was to assist the
existing member who would like to play at the same Club as his wife but
had either been forced to join another Club to do this or give the game up

It was only natural that the wives of present Club members be given first
preference as it had already been established how many were interested
in joining.

One of the first to apply for man and wife membership when the doors
were opened to women was Eric Toye and his wife Elizabeth. Eric is a
paraplegic, and the P.N. Bowling Club was one of the first Clubs in P.N. to
build a ramp and cater for paraplegics.
Four committee members’ wives were to be appointed to liaise with the
President Keith Garner, Frank Hopwood and Jack- Welsh. Mesdames Olive
Cooley, Noreen McMurtrie, Noeline Reed and Evelyn welsh agreed, and
this Committee was formed to start the planning of the Ladies’ Club
Rooms and the Constitution of the P.N. Women’s Bowling Club based on
the P.N. Bowling Club rules and acceptable to the N.Z. Women’s Bowling

In view of the ladies joining the Club it was decided extensions would
have to be made to the pavilion. A games room, locker room and women’s
Iounge were then added to the existing building by voluntary work
carried out by members of the men’s Club.
The Inaugural Meeting of the Palmerston North Bowling Club Women’s
Section was then held at the Club Rooms of the P.N. Bowling Club in
Linton Street on Sunday the 8th May, I976.

Daisy Griggs conducted the Inaugural Meeting. 1979 was a special year for the Women’s Section
when Daisy received an award in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, and was
made a Member of the British Empire for services given to women’s
bowls, a great honour to Daisy and the P.N. Women’s Club. Daisy is
a Life Member of the Manawatu Women’s Centre, and is a Past
President of the N.Z. Women’s Bowling Association.

Coral Wing and Brenda Papesch with Nan Gibb were successfully selected as umpires at the Women’s World Bowls which were held in Auckland in November 1988.
Daisy Griggs also achieved a great honour in being invited to carry the
International Women’s Bowling Board Flag at the opening ceremony of
the World Bowls, an honour richly deserved.

The lady members have been very happy to be part of the Palmerston North Bowling Club,  and if future members carry on in the tradition set by past members we are sure the P.N. Bowling Club will go from success to success.

*This history was taken from our centeneray booklet in 1989, if any members wish to add from 1989 to present day, please contact the website.

Comment from Dave Scott

I was surfing through your Club’s website, as a result of a medallion that I have inherited which bears the name of PN Bowling Club.

I’ve attached a pic of the front and back of the medallion. There is no date on the medallion, but the “W.L.Scott” engraved on the front was my Grandfather’s brother. Apparently they both emigrated from Stonehaven in Scotland around the same time – my Grandfather to Perth in Western Australia, and his brother to NZ.

It was interesting reading through the History section of the club that one of the founding members of the Palmerston North Bowling Club was a ‘Scott’ – whom I would punt was W.L.Scott – an ancestor of mine.

My grandfather – H.C.Scott – was a member of the Swan Bowling and Recreation Club Inc. in Perth. the Club is the third oldest in Western Australia, and is the oldest Club on its original site. Co-incidentally, Swan is one of the very few Clubs in WA which owns freehold title to its property.
So it seems that Palmerston North and Swan have much in common.

Appreciate any history you may be able to provide me with in relation to the medallion – when, what was the event, etc.

Marton Bowling Club front

Marton Bowling Club back

Dave Scott

Attached is a pic hanging in the Swan Bowling Club-house of my grandfather (Henry Cecil Scott) and his partner, after having won the Western Australian State Pairs title in 1927-28. Maybe there will be a family resemblance if there are any old Marton Bowling Club photos around

Western Australia State Pairs - 1927-28

Dave Scott

If you have any information or advice for Dave, or would like his email address, please contact the website.

Thx Ian.

BOWLSNZ: Change about to sweep through bowling greens

Article courtesy of Bowls NZ. You can read the full article here at:

“Bowls has become an increasingly popular sport set up for an ever-decreasing minority, according to the sport’s chief executive, Kerry Clark.

The good news for bowls traditionalists is that their sport remains popular among the masses, with about 90,000 Kiwis having a roll up annually.

The bad news is that the vast majority of them are not members and, of those who are, only a small percentage take part in the club and centre tournaments that dominate the greens for most of the year.

Clark said that had to change and for the past six weeks he has travelled the country pushing that message.

“We’re talking to our clubs to say the big issue you have is re-programming,” he said this week.

“Don’t tie up the club and everything else for competitions and commitments that only 10 per cent of your people are going to play in. That’s the issue.

“All those competitions for [singles, pairs, triples, fours] and repeated for men and women, champion of champions and god knows what else, they are programmed from the start of October to well into May every weekend. But of the number of traditional members we have, only about 10 per cent of them will take part.”

Clark cited the concept of players being graded in years as one of the “sacred cows” that needed to go.

“You will find some people who join the serious stuff have actually played for 15 years in business house and all of a sudden they are in the bowls scene as a first year player.

A lot of the competitions that might have been OK 20 years ago are not now. It’s a matter of re-engaging.

“Clubs have to move from a traditional programming model to one with more flexibility.”

Ideas include club greens being handed over to casuals at least two nights a week for short format play of two to three hours and on Saturday mornings for short format interclub competitions.

“Play from 9am to 11am then you have the rest of the weekend free. We have to start thinking of the players as customers rather than, `they have to be like us … this is the bowling club and if you join this is how it is’. We have a hell of a lot of under-utilised real estate.”

Short-format play has been around for a while without really breaking up the longer forms of the game.

However, with the emergence of Twenty20 cricket often referenced and some high-profile televised events coming up in Australia to be aired in New Zealand, Clark believes the mood for change is gathering pace.

In truth, the former international player has been peddling the need to adapt or die since the launch of the One Bowls initiative in 2004, a major project aimed at reversing declining membership by attracting a new young generation of players.

“This is a follow-up on it,” he said. “It’s really talking about the need for every level of the sport to work more closely together; Bowls New Zealand, centres and clubs.

“This is about the need for us to address the sport through participation rather than membership. Traditional membership has been on a decline really since 1992.”

While society has changed drastically, the sport of bowls has in many ways stood still.

“What we found when we started collecting statistics in 2003 and continue to, is that through the same time the number of people who have engaged in the sport through mates in bowls, or business house, has continued to increase. Participation over the last three years has been about 92-93,000 people. People are still playing bowls, but doing it in a different way.

“But the model that has been promoted right up to now in terms of how you run the clubs and centres has always been around traditional membership.

“You have a decreasing number playing in centre competitions and the like because of other commitments.”

Across the Tasman the trend has been the same and Clark has drawn on research that shows Australia’s ever-increasing casual players want to play, but not in the traditional format.

“They are telling them `we’ll play at the club more than once, but we don’t want to engage in the way you play it because it takes up too much time, it’s too regimented’. “It also turns off the guy who may not be a champion but wants to play. There’s not enough provided for him.”

Clark has found interclub competitions are thriving in rural areas where the season is not interrupted by endless centre events for the elite 10 per cent. They are playing against people of the same level, they’re not cannon fodder for the good players all the time.

“Over 80 per cent of the players in Central Otago play interclub.

“In Manawatu they have 29 Saturdays and Sundays allocated for centre competitions during the year with less than 10 per cent of their people playing. The average player, who may want to play on those weekends, there is nothing provided for them.

“These are the issues we are trying to solve.”

While he still thinks there are too many clubs Clark is not pushing the merger barrow, and said most clubs and centres had acknowledged they needed to change.

“The reaction we are getting is, `hey, we are seeing that, and agree. Help us to redo the programme.’ Others are saying, `come up with some templates and suggestions on how to go about it’.”

Which is the challenge now for Bowls New Zealand.”

A great article from the Manawatu Standard about Himatangi Bowling Club

“A bowling green is all about the soil microbes. Reporter Lee Matthews hears how the hearty little Himatangi Beach Bowling Club got started in pure sand.

Sophie Fisher could be forgiven for feeling she’s got about 30 grandparents.

At 15, the Palmerston North Girls’ High School year 11 student is the youngest member of the Himatangi Beach Bowling Club, and her lawn bowling progress is eagerly coached by a membership keen to pass on tips.

Their advice is working. This is her…”

Bowling On – 2nd April.


One of the absolute joys of sport in watching competitors who ” box above their weight” and so it has been with the women from the Bulls Bowling Club during Champion of Champion events this season. The club had competitors … Continue reading

Manawatu Lawn Bowls News – 20th March


Thanks to Tony, for the latest news from around the clubs in Manawatu. “As we march inexorably towards the end of the bowling season It is probably timely to undertake some introspection and properly look at the state of the … Continue reading

Triples at Palmerston North March 25th – Entries Welcome

Come and enjoy a couple of games and a drink with us!

Enter our Palmerston North Triples, it will be played on Sunday the 25th of March. It starts at 1.30pm at Palmerston North Bowling Club.

Teams to have 1 Non Bowler and only 1 Senior Bowler*
Examples of a team…
1 Senior, 1 10yr under/colt, 1 new bowler… or,
1 Senior and 2 new bowlers… or,
2 10yr under/colts and 1 new bowler… etc.

2 games, 2 Bowl Triples, 1hr 15min each
$5 per person includes Prizes & Afternoon Tea
The Bar will be Open, Dress is in mufti and flat shoes or jandals please.

*Non Bowler must NOT be a current member of a bowling club.
Teams must NOT have more than 1 Senior Bowler. Teams can be mixed.
For this tournament an intermediate bowler will be considered a senior bowler.

Single Entries and Teams Welcome

To enter just contact us by email, or you can also put your entry in at the club. If you don’t know any of the bowlers at the club, and you are keen to play, just put your name in and we will sort a team for you. Remember 2 Non Bowlers can play together with a bowler from our club.

Open to all Bowlers in Manawatu! We would welcome other clubs!

Contact Ian at:
or if you want to know more about the club call Palmerston North Bowling Club on 357 6022.

Golden Oldies Results


This gallery contains 9 photos.

Leading Tauranga South bowler Peter Clark has finally won the Palmerston North Bowling Club’s popular Golden Oldies tournament on his fifth attempt. Clark – with his lineup of Maurice Hickey (three), Robert Frelan (two) and Malcolm Kidd (lead) – headed … Continue reading

Some more photos from Golden Oldies, including touchers… Day 4

A few photos from Golden Oldies – Day 1

Manawatu Lawn Bowls News 26 Feb.


Thanks to Tony for all the news from around the Lawn Bowls clubs in Manawatu… “All the preparation our mens and womens representative sevens have put in will be put to the test on Sunday when the Intercentre play-offs are … Continue reading

Takaro Super 9’s


Points going into the final round of the Takaro Super 9’s held at Takaro Bowling Club. 30     Palmerston North Bowling Club 24     Wanganui East Bowling Club 23     Levin Bowling Club 22     Northern … Continue reading

Ashurst Invitational Fours Result

The Ashurst Invitational Fours were played last weekend, and in a well contested tournament, a visiting team from Marton Bowling Club collected the honours. They took out A Section, followed by Te Kawau in second place.  Our team from Palmerston North took the honours in B Section. Our team was Ian Jamieson (s), Arnold Bloxham, Peter Gosling from Terrace End and Bob Lee.

Manawatu Bowls News – 19 Feb.


No sooner have National Club Centre titles been decided than we are straight into Champion of Champion events. I always relish these events which inevitably feature some David versus Goliath contests and there have been some colossal upsets over the … Continue reading

Finalists have to pay their way to Invercargill


Those bowlers fortunate enough to win their zone playoffs in the national club championships in March are in for a big shock – they will have to travel to Invercargill for the national finals at their own expense. When Bowls … Continue reading

Takaro Cup Defended

Congrats to our boys who successfully held onto the Takaro Cup on Thursday. On a warm evening Palmerston North played Takaro Bowling Club for the Takaro Cup, as challengers Takaro needed to win 2 out of 3 games to take the cup back. They won the first game 20-6, lost the next 18-14 but could only manage a 15-15 draw in the final match. This meant Palmerston North Bowling Club held onto the trophy, we have successfully held the trophy since 2008.

Full field for “Golden Oldies” at Palmerston North Bowling Club

A full field of 80 has entered the 28th annual Palmerston North Bowling Club’s “Golden Oldies” tournament early next month.

The popular four-day event draws club and composite sides from many parts of the North Island with many players regarding it as their highlight of the season.

Restricted to players aged 60 and above, it has  featured many of the top names in New Zealand bowls, ever since Taranaki’s Dave Baldwin (Paritutu) won the inaugural event in 1985.

Baldwin, a Commonwealth Games gold and silver medallist and three-time Dominion champion, has just turned 90 and still plays the occasional game. He won the “Golden Oldies” title on four occasions, as did another former New Zealand rep, Vic Sellars (Northern).

Last year’s champion team, skipped by Ian Mahoney (Central Levin), is returning, as is the 2010 winner, Phil Harris, who also plays out of the same club. Regular attendee, Peter Clark (Tauranga South), who made the last 16 at the recent Taranaki open men’s fours, is also in the field.

Members of the host club have also enjoyed success over the years, with Ray Dunn having won it on three occasions in the early 1990s, along with Brian Grammer (2003), Rex Easton (2004), Lindsay Toms (2007 and 2009) and Eric Watson (2008).

The “Golden Oldies” starts on Tuesday, March 6, and is played on the three greens at PNBC and two greens at Terrace End.

Manawatu Lawn Bowls News – Feb 12


Thanks Tony for all the news from the lawn bowling clubs in Manawatu… “Saturday presents as another good day of bowls watching with finals of mens national club fours and singles being played at Northern. The singles is at the … Continue reading

Lawn Bowls News from Manawatu


Thanks to Tony Jensen for the latest news from Lawn Bowls in Manawatu “Should we manage to get in two full days play at the National Club fours on the weekend the Manawatu Executive will breathe a collective sigh of … Continue reading

Club Championships

Congrats to Eva Heinrich Winner of our Womens Colts Singles, she won the title from Beryl England on Saturday. Good luck at your Champ of Champs event!

Other Club Winners were:

Colin Cherri in the 65yr over singles, Ian Lewis and Colin Cherri in the 10yr under pairs. Robert Thomson and Reg Davies in the Intermediate Pairs, Joan Ware in the womens senior singles, Dean Gilshnan in Mens Colts singles, Robyn McGregor in the womens 10yr under singles… and Bob Williams and Chris Barrett defeated Steve Toms and Ross Ellery to win our Senior Mens Pairs!

Palmerston North Bowling Club History Request

I was surfing through your Club’s website, as a result of a medallion that I have inherited which bears the name of PN Bowling Club.

I’ve attached a pic of the front and back of the medallion. There is no date on the medallion, but the “W.L.Scott” engraved on the front was my Grandfather’s brother. Apparently they both emigrated from Stonehaven in Scotland around the same time – my Grandfather to Perth in Western Australia, and his brother to NZ.

It was interesting reading through the History section of the club that one of the founding members of the Palmerston North Bowling Club was a ‘Scott’ – whom I would punt was W.L.Scott – an ancestor of mine.

My grandfather – H.C.Scott – was a member of the Swan Bowling and Recreation Club Inc. in Perth. the Club is the third oldest in Western Australia, and is the oldest Club on its original site. Co-incidentally, Swan is one of the very few Clubs in WA which owns freehold title to its property.
So it seems that Palmerston North and Swan have much in common.

Appreciate any history you may be able to provide me with in relation to the medallion – when, what was the event, etc.

Marton Bowling Club front

Marton Bowling Club back

Dave Scott

Attached is a pic hanging in the Swan Bowling Club-house of my grandfather (Henry Cecil Scott) and his partner, after having won the Western Australian State Pairs title in 1927-28. Maybe there will be a family resemblance if there are any old Marton Bowling Club photos around

Western Australia State Pairs - 1927-28

Dave Scott

If you have any information or advice for Dave, or would like his email address, please leave a comment below.

Thx Ian.

Manawatu Lawn Bowls News – 29th Jan


Thanks to Tony Jensen for his latest wrap of all the Lawn Bowls news in Manawatu… “I never have any truck with players who blame weather conditions for failure at bowls or any other sport for that matter but the … Continue reading

Manawatu Lawn Bowls News – 25th Jan


Thanks to Tony Jensen for all the latest news from around the Lawn Bowls clubs in Manawatu… “Manawatu’s representative sides will be involved in an all or nothing contest this Sunday when the annual Tararua Quadrangular tournament is held in … Continue reading

Manson and Barr Manawatu Lawn Bowls Challenge

Congrats to our team of leads and twos who defeated Ashurst in the Manson Barr Trophy. In a well contested game Palmerston North came out on top 22-15.

Our team was superbly led by Ted Hodgson, Robert Thomson, Colin Cherri and Ian Lewis, our next challenge is against Woodville.

Manawatu Bowls Challenge Results


Congrats to both our teams who defended Lawn Bowls Manawatu Trophy challenges against Terrace End and Takaro, for the Hurn Cup and Harris Stars. In the Hurn Cup we played a very good Takaro team to win, our team was … Continue reading

Taranaki Open Lawn Bowls Fours Results


The Taranaki Open Lawn Bowls Fours Results quarterfinal scores: LITTLE 16 (Palmerston North) JONES 27, SELBY 11 DELANY 24, SETTLE 26 HASSALL 18, PARK 18 DEMPSTER-RIVETT 23.

The Taranaki Open Lawn Bowls Fours Results from the last 16 in post section: B LITTLE 19 P CLARK 15, M JONES 22 M OLDFIELD 20, P SELBY 19 G ANDERSON 18, D DELANY 26 I PORTEOUS 18, S SETTLE 23 R HARDY 22, R HASSALL 23 I COOMBE 16, R PARK 27 G SKELLERN 16, L DEMPSTER-RIVETT 29 W HAUSMAN 11.

follow the results at Bowls Taranaki Website