Play Lawn Bowls

Play Lawn Bowls at Mates in Bowls – Social League

Play Lawn Bowls at Mates in Bowls this summer. It is for all casual or new players wanting to have a go, and is great fun. We fill all 3 of our greens and is very popular with local business. It usually runs for 6 weeks on a Wednesday evening over summer, so if you want to get your friends together to enter a team of 3 or just want to join in the fun we can find a team to suit you! Entries fill up quickly so if you would like to play, contact our club for more information.

If you want to find out how much fun it really is! check out this article from our local paper, The Manawatu Standard: Bowls promoted as sport for all

New Bowlers

New Bowlers are always welcome at Palmerston North Bowling Club! New Members can join the club at half price, that’s $85.00 for the year! We can help you out by loaning you a set of bowls to try out, introducing you to other members and giving you some free coaching! You don’t need whites, just a sense of fun. If you have played before, and want to get back into Lawn Bowls in Manawatu, just let us know, and we can help! If you’re at school, membership costs only $25!

For those of you who would just like to have a go, we can provide you with the bowls, and some tips (if required) for you to get started. Come and have a drink, bring your friends or workmates, and play some bowls. All you need is a sense of fun, and some flat sole shoes (jandals or bare feet, are fine!). You can play as long as the greens are available, so please contact us before you arrive!
Cost: $5 per person.


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